North Carolina

Where and How Are Catfish Caught

Catfish are found in many other parts of the world, but in North Carolina there is some as well. They are found in several waters of North Carolina. Some of these places are the Lake Norman, Lake Chatuge and many other places. The fish regularly fished by people like you and me. These regularly, large sized fish are caught by fishermen utilizing their rods. The catching of larger numbers of fish for commercial purposes are trapped by using mainly nets, and traps.

Effects and Uses of Catfish

There are no effects that occur to the environment from fishing and removing this resource from our waters. This is because the population of catfish is increasing at a rapid rate. The catfish although could be harmed from pollutants and chemicals dropped into the bodies of water. The main use of catching this resource, would be for the same use of catching fish; to cook it and enjoy its delightful taste. A company that uses this resource would be Carolina Classics Catfish, founded in 1985. This company is the only full integrated producer of U.S farm-raised catfish.