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Our Home, Our Neighbourhood...Our Own Little World

"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end"--John Lennon


Aakruti Footprints--Our very own newsletter aims to bring all the residents together and hopefully will help us in binding our unity, integrity and mutual respect for each other. It is a humble effort by Aakruti Amity Apartment Owners Association to bridge the communication gap between the residents and the association. Through this newsletter we will try to reach the residents, highlight the issues and events important to us and probably share some light moments of fun and laughter. Please be our friend, guide and critic in this journey which we hope to continue hereafter!!

Important Events!!

Formation of Aakruti Amity Apartment Owners Association!!

Aakruti Amity Apartment Owners Association (AAAOA) formed as per Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960.

Formation of Cultural Committee!!

A cultural committee is formed in Aakruti Amity to plan and conduct cultural events in the premises.

Construction Resumes!!

Due to amicable settlement of the ongoing dispute between the builder and the previous land owners who hold a substantial share in Aakruti Amity, construction has resumed and hopefully will continue.

Accidental Death Of A Labourer In The Premises!!

As most of us are aware that a labourer has died due to a fatal accident that occurred on 11/05/2016 while plastering C block. Much is left to our imagination, the safety measures that are prevalent in the premises. Will have to wait and closely watch the developments as a result of this calamity.

Ongoing Recreational Classes Available For Kids!!

Note: Some of these classes are suspended currently due to summer vacations and will mostly resume by June.

  1. Karate: Every Thursday and Friday at 7 pm in the Coffee Hall
  2. Dance: Mostly on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm in the Coffee Hall
  3. Drawing: Conducted on weekends in the morning in the Coffee Hall
  4. Skating: Conducted on weekends in the morning in C/D parking

Those interested to join, please contact the respective classes directly at the designated time.

This Is Not The End..

In the coming days, we wish to elaborate our newsletter with bigger, brighter and more useful information. If the residents have something to share please join us and be a part of this team.
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Aakruti Amity Apartment Owners Association