Interactive Whiteboard

MimioTeach Bar

The small, portable MimioTeach bar attaches magnetically to a typical dry erase board. When you plug the MimioHub wireless receiver into your computer and connect the computer to a projector, you can enjoy a projected displayed area.
MimioTeach interactive whiteboard

One of our favorite things about this Mimio interactive technology is MimioStudio, the easy-to-use interactive software that is included with your MimioTeach.

  • Turn any ordinary whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard.
  • Encourage participation at the whiteboard.
  • Search the MimioStudio Gallery for ready-to-use lesson content.
  • Enliven lessons with audio, video, and Flash files.
  • Record video lessons to reuse whenever you want.
  • Record audio files using your computer’s microphone.
  • Import existing lessons from Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Save your whiteboard notes and drawings to your computer.
  • Access thousands of ready-made interactive lessons in MimioConnect.

Mimio Challenge Activities

A number of challenge files have been created to teach and reinforce basic Mimio skills. You must use a computer with MimioStudio software installed in order to open the files. A brief overview can be found at the beginning of each challenge file, and step-by-step instructions have been created to guide you through each activity. A demonstration video has also been included at the end of each activity for additional clarification. Click here to get started! Good Luck and have fun!

Troubleshooting Tip for Short Throw Projectors

How to Adjust Your Projector for Your Mimio

  1. Press Menu on the remote.
  2. Using the Arrows on the remote, select Corner Adjustment.
  3. Press Enter on the remote.
  4. Using the Arrows on the remote, select the corner you wish to begin adjusting. The gray color indicates your selection.
  5. Press Enter on the remote.
  6. Use the Arrows on the remote to select the 90 degrees option.
  7. Press Enter on the remote.
  8. Use the Arrows on the remote to pull the corner in until it fits on the whiteboard.

Remember! Leave enough room on the left side for your Mimio.

9. When finished adjusting the corner, press Menu on the remote twice to return to the option to pick the next corner.

10. Repeat Steps #4 - #10 until the image fits your whiteboard.

11. Once you are all done, press Menu on the remote until you arrive at the Notice screen.

12. Use the Arrows on the remote to select SAVE. If you skip this step, you will have to start all over the next time you turn your projector on.