Team Dazzling Daisies Lineage

April Stats & Recognition

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Our Newest Consultants Joining us in April!

Michelle Whitley, Houston, TX

Alexandria Wojenski, Hempstead, TX

Chrystal Boyd, Houston, TX

Heather Howard, Friendswood, TX

Teharrah Chaisson, Houston, TX

Paulette Jones, Katy, TX

Aimee Cutler, Clearfield, UT

Anne Bates, Houma, LA

Jacindia Campbell, Pearland, TX

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Top in Personal Sales

CONGRATULATIONS to these $1000+ Sellers!

Tyra Booe $2203

Megan Chilson $2009

Stephane Keith $1700

Kathy Juenke $1694

Amy Reddoch $1521

Jillian Krause $1425

Emily Bowers $1425

Cindi Campbell $1348

Lauren Mays $1310

Laetitia Meneley $1203

Victoria Velasquez $1161

Top in Recruiting

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Dream Builders!

Cindi Campbell - 2

Megan Chilson - 1

Meagen Gagnebin - 1

Thomesa WIlson - 1

Top in Parties

CONGRATULATIONS to our top Party Girls!

Jillian Krause - 4

Amy Reddoch - 4

Megan Chilson - 4

Kathy Juenke - 4

Emily Bowers - 3

Lauren Mays - 3

Tyra Booe - 3

Shirin Tello - 3

Susie Brown - 3

Top in Team Sales

The following had the Top Team Sales! To qualify for this category, they must be a Senior Consultant or higher and have at least $4,000 in team volume.
Way to go!

Jillian Krause, Director $11,771

Kathy Juenke, Senior Director $5,015

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Tammy's Stats

Personal Sales: $3,450

Number of Recruits: 3

Number of Parties Held: 4

Team Sales (GEN 0): $22,579

Downline Team Sales: $38,294

Consultants (GEN 0): 75

Entire Downline Consultants: 135

Commission: $2,914

Commission without leadership: $862

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Benefits of Leadership

  • Earn extra commission on personal sales
  • Earn overrides on team sales
  • Opportunity to earn bonuses
  • Opportunity to earn the leadership trip

Next year it is in the Dominican Republic!

  • Invitations to Directors Only events
  • Directors Only amenities
  • Recognition at National Conference
  • Help others achieve THEIR dreams

And the list goes on and on!

Any consultant has exactly what it takes to be a Director. You must know your goal, believe in yourself and be motivated to take the steps to make it happen! Remember, we ALL started the same way - with a $99 sales kit!

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