on Wittmann Battenfeld’s 40th anniversary!

As the global leading supplier of injection molding machines, robotics and auxiliaries, Wittmann Battenfeld has contributed a great deal to the innovation and technology upgrading of the manufacturing industry by offering quality solutions and services to fulfill diversified needs of different segments.

Wittmann Battenfeld is highly attuned to the fast-changing markets and is an early adopter of China-based manufacturing for the emerging China market. On behalf of the Adsale Group, I am very grateful that Wittmann Battenfeld has been the customer of CHINAPLAS and CPRJ since the early 80s. Over this long period of cooperation, we witnessed the tremendous growth and achievement of Wittmann Battenfeld, and of the eminent goodwill you have built in the industry.

It has been our pleasure in serving you through these years. Our congratulations to your 40th anniversary and may we wish you even bigger business success in the years to come.

Stanley Chu


The Adsale Group