Join Your Country and Fight For Us!

Protect This Country and Your Women.

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Glittering Generality

  • When using this technique propagandists use catchphrases, or slogans, that will stay in the public's mind. The above poster used the phrase "Help Uncle Same. Stamp Out the Kaiser!"
  • This poster was intended for men and families. It encouraged them to buy bonds for the war efforts.
  • This poster suggests that citizens, men and women, are needed to do their part for the war. Men were expected to fight and women were expected to work and take care of the home.

Plain Folk

  • Propagandists used this technique, and still do, because when you use a common man the public trusts them and will follow their beliefs and values.
  • This poster was intended for fathers and convinced them to buy war bonds to help the war effort.
  • This poster suggests that dads are the war heroes because they bought war bonds.


  • This technique is used because many people will follow a cause if a respected person, or experienced person, approves.
  • This poster was intended for young men who have not yet enlisted in the army.
  • This poster suggests that men were needed to fight in the war and were the country's heroes.

Band Wagon

  • The above poster shows the propaganda technique called Band Wagon. This technique was used to persuade the audience to follow the crowd.
  • This poster was intended for young men who had not yet enlisted in the war.
  • This poster suggested that men were expected to fight in the war and that was their part of the war effort.
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  • The above poster is an example of modern propaganda. The poster uses Captain America to convince people to enlist. The poster is showing that Captain America approves of enlisting in the military.
  • This poster is intended for men and women interested in joining the military.
  • This modern military poster reflects the beliefs that men and women are needed to help fight for America's freedom. It is no longer just men.
By Amanda Stair