The Blake Buzz

March 23-27, 2015

Upcoming Events

Monday 3/23

  • SBDM 4:05pm
  • SRT 10:00 am
  • Basketball & Cheerleading Practice 4-5:15pm

Tuesday 3/24

  • Faculty Meeting- Bring your fully-charged laptops. We will talk about uploading items in CIITS. All staff who have not completed TELL Ky Survey will take it in the library. Those who have finished will meet to discuss Family Fun (Math) Night plans.
  • Karate 4-5:15pm

Wednesday 3/25

  • Send home Wednesday folders with school communications
  • Cheerleading Practice 4-5:15pm

Thursday 3/26

  • AP PLC visits Blake 11-1 pm. They will visit some classrooms.
  • Staff Potluck- Loaded Potato Bar. Heather O. will organize sign-ups

Friday 3/27

  • Staff wear RED or BLUE Day.

Monday 3/30

  • Dr. Paige Hartstern and Jan McDowell visit Blake for walkthroughs with Mrs. Glenn & Mrs. McCoy. We will be looking for evidence of student engagement.

Information about Student Growth Goals

I asked about our concerns with student growth goals brought up last week at the faculty meeting. Here is the answer from Jan McDowell, ETC:

Teachers set a proficiency target and a growth target that is attainable, but stretch the outer bounds of what is attainable” according to the rubric. This is a judgment call based on current reality and is agreed upon by the teacher and administrator. Then, 70% or more should meet the GROWTH target to be expected growth. So, if they said 60% would make growth and at least 42% met their target for growth, that is expected. For the PROFICIENCY target, they must meet within 10% of the established target. So if they said 60% will be proficient, and only 50% were proficient, that is within 10% of the proficiency target, so it is the expected rating.