Team Third Grade

Mrs. Behm, Mrs. Komar, & Mrs. Frye

September 27, 2019


This week we started our first round of MAP testing. We will take this assessment 3 times this year to track progress in Reading and Math. The dates are as follows:

Thursday, September 26th - AM - Reading

Friday, September 27th - AM - Reading

Wednesday, October 2nd - AM - Math

Thursday, October 3rd - AM - Math

Since we use ipads for testing, your child will need to make sure they have their iPads here and charged to 100% each day. Please make sure they get a

good night’s rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and try their best.

Language Workshop

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In Language Workshop, we have been working hard at intentionally adding on new conversational moves that will help to invite and encourage all students to share their thinking as we unpack the books collectively. We are learning that together we know more. Therefore, the importance of encouraging all voices to be heard and learning to agree and disagree with civility are at the forefront of elevating and growing our thinking.

Our students are also noticing specific phrases as they are used in a text and attempting to analyze the meaning behind the literal and nonliteral language. The deep thinking that is unfolding in our language workshop is also being captured in their thoughtful logs where they are using evidence from the text to support their reasoning.

Reader's Workshop

In Reading Workshop, we have been working diligently in building effective reading habits and stamina both at school and at home. Hats off to our young readers who are making a consistent effort in choosing books that are just right for them. They are intentionally selecting books that they can read most of the words, books that they are interested in, and books that give them something to think and talk about. In fact, we have had our best promoters of books launch our book talks this week. Several students presented a “Book Talk” to their classmates in hopes of encouraging their peers to read a book that they themselves have found incredibly interesting, funny, heartwarming, or engaging.

Writing Workshop

As we reach the end of our personal narrative unit, students are choosing their best draft to revise and edit. We are looking for stories with descriptive details that make the reader feel like they are right there. Students are working on adding good leads that hook their reader and closings to wrap up their stories. They are using transition words to make sure their story is in order and flows nicely. It’s neat to see everything coming together for publishing!

Math Workshop

We just finished up the first part of our first unit on graphing and interpreting data. This week we have started rounding! We kicked off this part of the unit by reviewing place value. Starting to move into the rounding aspect, students are getting practice through task cards and a variety of other application time ideas. Students will be expected to round to the nearest 10 and 100 in a 3 digit number. Dreambox is officially up and running! Third graders are pretty good at logging in on their own. A reminder that they’re username and password is their lunch code.

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Social Studies

In our Geography unit, students have been learning all about our globe. They should be able to find the location of each of the 7 continents and 5 oceans. In addition, they have learned about the equator, north & south poles, and northern & southern hemispheres.

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Global Studies

This year the third graders are going to be learning all about the continent of Europe. We will begin by exploring the flags of many European countries. If your family history has any connection to Europe be sure to share that with your son or daughter.

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As Geography ends, we are starting our first science unit about Force and Motion. Students will learn that pushes & pulls are forces and when something is moving then it’s in motion. They will have the opportunity to explore with wheels, cars, slinkys, balls, and ramps. Then they will participate in several hands on experiments to better understand how force and motion work.

Digital Citizenship

This month we learned ways to be safe when using the internet. We reviewed information that is considered private and should not be shared without a trusted adult’s permission. We also reviewed the importance of keeping our passwords private.

Second Step

Our second step lessons continue to revolve around what it means to be a responsible learner. We discuss attentive listening, being self advocates, and how to be responsible for our own learning. Second Step lessons may have a home-link, which we encourage you to do with your child.

Thank You!

We wanted to thank our families for our wonderful first month of school! Our third graders have done an amazing job following the BE STATEMENTS:

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Be Kind

Be Respectful

We appreciate all that you do to support our efforts. We look forward to connecting with you at our upcoming parent conferences on Thursday, October 17th and Tuesday, October 22nd.

Important Dates

*Wednesday, Oct. 9th Picture Retake Day

*Thursday, Oct. 17th Parent Conference 4:30-8:00

*Tuesday, Oct. 22nd Parent Conference 4:30-8:00

*Wednesday, Oct. 30th Early Release at 1:40 pm

*Wednesday, Oct. 30th Fall Party

*Thursday, Oct 31st-No School

*Friday, Nov.1st- No School