Semester Wrap-Up

Enjoy the relaxation of the break!

Big picture

New SOHI Champ - Angie Brown

SOHI is a big school, and Tamra is getting a partner to help her manage the PL Champ workload! Angie is a math teacher and a constant learner! Here are her thoughts...

"I am always trying to work on my game and improve my “PL-ing.” I use Canvas as my platform; students may choose a flipped classroom for notes, assessments are created both on paper and Canvas so students have an choice of how they show what they know. I’m hoping to learn and apply more PL to my classes."

We are so excited to have you joining us!!!

Are YOU staying CONNECTED?

Four Tasks prior to 2/4:

  • Connect to your practice - What have you been expanding lately?
  • Connect to your staff - Have you turn-keyed the materials/topics you wanted?
  • Connect to your focus group - Have you connected with your focus group?
  • Connect to our community - Are you checking in WEEKLY on PL Champ Facebook Group?