Industrialization; What to Come

Learn about the scary facts

How much do you really know about this thing called Industrialization.

In light of many new technological advances in recent years many large corporations are trying to monopolize the market. The idea that mass productions is a better way of manufacturing goods has forces families into tight living with many other families in one room apartments. The demand for workers are so high these corporations are hiring young children putting them straight to work with no training whatsoever. These young children are working in some of the most dangerous parts of the factory with only an hour lunch break in their day. These factories also heavily pollute pumping chemicals from their smokestacks into the air. While we are on this topic the workers housing was often filthy and diseases spread fast. Does Industrialization really sound like a good idea to you now and do we even need to bring up those ugly iron bridges being made now?

First Hand Examples of What Industrialization Brings