William Kyle Carpenter

medal of honor


William has been through a lot, he is a marine and has died three time.He has risked his life for his friend in the field of battle and suffered horrible injures. He had 30 plus surgeries and had to get a prosthetic eye also had to get a new jaw and broke multiple bones.

The Grenade

The Blast

William was on tour in Afghanistan when a enemy threw a grenade into his post, he and his best friend were their to give cover fire and when the grenade landed William lunged his body over the grenade he took the grunt of it. Other marines say that he went on top of the grenade willingly when the grenade went off and he flew and landed on his back he was still conscious and he was still thinking of others he kept saying is Nick okay is Nick okay. Just think he was only 20 years old and had his entire life ahead of him and he only cared about his friends life not his.
The President Awards the Medal of Honor to Corporal William "Kyle" Carpenter

created by: Kaden Keogh