Have you ever wondered the truth about Reebok?

The website of locations of reebok in China

Where the shoes are made

Reebok has one of the most popular selling shoes and they do use child labor workers. For example, Workers in Cambodia are underpaid and they have unfair working conditions. They work in buildings that have not passed safety regulations. The owners believe it is too expensive to make improvements to comply with safety standards. Workers in Cambodia are paid only thirty dollars a month. Many underage girls are used for labor. They work long hours of overtime. They can work ten to twelve hour days at least six days a week. They are not allowed any sick leave. Their workplaces discriminate against pregnant women and women are fired for being pregnant. In 2011, workers went on strike because of ill treatment.

A select collection of Reebok Made in USA styles are manufactured in the United States, with 100% of the materials sourced domestically as well. The Made in USA collection of boots and shoes include Berry Amendment Compliant US military styles, US Postal Service approved styles, and athletic work styles.

The Problem

I think people need to do the work themselves instead of using their child. They need to earn money themselves instead of using their children. the children should be able to play outside instead of working in harsh factories.

Child labor

Children are traded to pay off debts and they never work off their debt picture from they work until they are 18

What To do

Send them a letter saying that you are not happy about them underpaying children and they are working in harsh conditions in Hati. They are beaten abused and have to work over time which is 10-12 hours a day instead of 8 hours a day. They don't even earn extra money in overtime.