Infrared Waves

Ismael Morales, Period 7

About Infrared

Wavelength: 700nm-1mm

Frequency: 430Thz-300Ghz

Velocity in a Vacuum: 300,000,000m/s


-Infrared is a thermal type of wave

-There are things infrared light can see through that visual light can't and vice versa

-In WW2 sharpshooters used infrared to see their enemies during the night

Everyday Uses

Two uses for infrared:

-night vision

-remote controls

Health Impacts

-It helps save people who are lost by using their body heat to find them

-Over exposion to eyes can lead to corneal ulcers and retinal burns

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Vampire bats now are able to detect heat signatures of things. They have been using this to find where vains are more likely to be at within animals. Scientist are studing Vampire bats right now and more related to horses than rats. Vampire bats gained this ability through evolution over time to help them survive better to get food easier, though bats that eat fruits and insects don't have this ability.
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