Lessons Learned in Slate Valley

Celebrating amazing work of educators and students, Volume 6

Differentiation through Seesaw

Educators in the primary grades have been using a new platform called "Seesaw". This allows them to push out individualized work for their students. While all of the images below are from Mrs. McCrea's first grade, similar activities are happening across the whole SU.

Outdoor Classrooms for reading

The students pictured below are taking advantage of the warming weather to enjoy their outdoor classrooms at OVS. All of the elementary schools are utilizing some form of outdoor classroom spaces.

Students make websites, publish stories, learn welding for PBLs, solve real problems, and help their community

The 3rd graders at CES participated in research groups to learn about ocean animals. You can see some of what they learned on this site:

Ocean Animals site

4th graders at CES published a variety of stories as part of a narrative writing unit. You can read their stories here:

Stories from CES

As part of his individualized Project Based Learning, an 8th grader at OVS worked with a plumber and learned basic welding. See his welding demonstration here:

Gabe New video

One team of 6th and 7th graders at OVS, and a second team of 8th graders, under the tutelage of Courtney Robinson, participated in the nation-wide Make:able Challenge. They were tasked with designing an assistive tool for a person with arthritis. See their final presentation here:

Make:able Challenge (This one is a finalist in the category of iterative design. Way to go!)

Make:able Challenge Final Project

An FHUHS Student’s R.E.A.L. Project is a drive to support the Dodge House in Rutland and raise awareness of homeless veterans. Dodge House in Rutland "provides shelter, clothing, food, and an individualized program to reintegrate veterans back into the community and help them to achieve self­ sufficiency"

Please view the flyer here.

Preschool Social Emotional Learning

The preschoolers at FHGS listened to the story "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss and considered how colors can be used to express emotions. We talked about how we can feel many emotions throughout the day or even at the same time and they each painted their own mini person based on conversations about how they were feeling that day.

2nd and 3rd graders at BVS learn coding

Thanks to the support of Ms. Cacciatore, 2nd and 3rd graders learned how to code Beebots in their STEAM class.

Tip Line and Parting Thoughts

This newsletter has been put together by your coaching team (Casey, Abby, Molly, Kristen) with help from many staff who have sent us photos. To join in the fun of recognizing the great work of our SU, please email pictures to the coaches. We look forward to it!