Reminders & Remediation #2

Business and Technology A - Fall 2016

End of Semester Reminders

  • FINAL EXAM - Dec 7th and 8th
  • All Late Assignments & Remediation #2 MUST BE SUBMITTED by Tue, Dec 6th by 11:59 PM or it will not receive credit.
  • Jeopardy Final Exam Review - Monday, Dec 5th @ 8 PM
  • Review all grades and email with any questions or concerns.


You may choose any PROJECT and ASSIGNMENT to replace by creating a detailed & creative review for that module. Your review may use any of the following programs:

  • Powtoon: Whiteboard animation video
  • Smore: Newsletter (like this one)
  • PowerPoint

This is due by Tues, Dec 6th. No Exceptions or extensions! (My goal is to have everything graded before the Final Exam but it depends on how early this is submitted.)

Any questions?? Email Ms. Felton.

Test Grade Too Low??

Identify what you want to replace in the comments of your post.

Create a Test for the low module test that you want to replace. It must be 15 questions (10 multiple choice, 5 true false or all 15 multiple choice). They must be original questions that you made up with correct answers. You will post it in the dropbox under Remediation #2 by Tuesday Dec. 6th. No Exceptions or extensions!