Girl On Fire

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Katniss Everdeen - Girl On Fire

A district 12, 16 year old girl who has the passion of hunting and the skills with a bow and arrow. She has also has her skills dipped into knife throwing, herb collecting and harvesting, and medically treating.

The Hunger Games - ET Clip "Shoot the Pig" HD - Hunger Games (2012)

The Highest Training Score

Katniss got a 11 scored by the Game-makers. She is the first ever to shoot at the Game-makers and again for going through the chink in the forcefield.

Katniss With Her Bow Shot Skills

Katniss has trained many years with the bow and if able to, she could make a clean shot through the eyes.

Katniss With her Running Skills

Katniss is one of the fastest in her district especially because she is small and swift. She can outrun almost all opponents.

Girl On Fire

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