Percival Lowell

Who is Percival Lowell

Where was Percival Lowell born?

Percival Lowell was born at Boston 13th, March 1855.

His Death

He died on the 12th November 1916, he was 61 when he died.

Percivals Quest

He travelled for ten years at the far east and he was a travel writer.

He became interested in studding of what he thought there were canals on the planet Mars, in 1894 he established the observatory in Flagstaff.

Planet Mars wasn't the only planet that he was interested in he was also interested in the ninth planet.

What he was best known for?

He was best known for his observation of Mars.

After schooling?

After he was schooling he ran a cotton mill for about nearly six years.

Through his telescope

Through Percival's telescope he saw patterns on the surface,he thought that this was evidence of canals and planted crops.


He was an American businessman,author,mathematician and an astronomer.


In the 1890's he inspired himself by discovering 'canals' on Mars he decided his energy and fortune on the study of Mars.

he built his own private observatory at Flagstaff.