Gay Rights

trouble of 50s

gay bars and functions were frequently raided by police. locals were determined to shut down homosexual functions.

trouble of the 80s

The AIDS crisis of the 1980s devastated the gay community, but also mobilized it. Basically what happened was the government wouldn’t help to try and cure this deadly disease. "Peel said he would sometimes attend two or three funerals for friends in a week." People were getting sick, deathly sick, long before the disease even had a name.

troubles with gay rights today.

in 2013 Russia made a law that you are not allowed to say anything mutual or positive about homosexual rights around minors.

gays have recently faced the legal rights of adopting.

gay rights has always been a problem in the social aspect, a lot of people look at homosexuals like a deadly disease. its sad, that a person hast to be cautious of being made fun of for loving someone. its definitely still a problem today. a lot of boys still go around making fun of gays and they use the word gay as an insult. why is it that when a human loves another human its a sin. why is that when a human loves another human its inappropriate and shouldn't be spoke about around minors. why is it that the word gay is still today used as an insult. why is it so wrong for a human to love another human.