Indian Creek PK News

January 18-January 22


No school on January 18th-Martin Luther King Jr. Day- this is a Federal Holiday. Here is a short video you can watch with your child about Martin Luther King Jr.

BrightBytes Survey is Coming

Our school has partnered with BrightBytes - an educational technology company - to learn about our use of technology for learning.

On Tuesday, January 19th the survey will open for parents to participate and provide feedback to our school. The district is looking for 100% participation to gather accurate data.

We invite you to answer a few questions about your technology use. It should take less than 5 minutes to complete on any device with Internet access.

The link will be sent to you via email and skyward on Tuesday, January 19th.

What we are learning

We are in Unit 6 -The World. Our key concept is changes and never changes. During this unit we will make observations about the natural world (changing seasons and care for the environment). We will be reviewing straight line letters ( L, F,E, H, T and I), curved letters ( C, O, Q, U, G, and S). We will be working on letters with a straight line/curved combintion letters (D,P,B,R).

This week we will be working with letter R.

We will be working with rhyming words. Your child will need to be able to make a rhyme. If we say "sit" your child will need to give us another rhyming word such as lit, fit, hit, and mit. We will start segmenting words into syllables and working with compound words. If we put them together we will also be taking words apart. Here is an example: the compound word is cupcake- if we take it apart you have cup and cake- this is also a two syllable word. We have already been exposing your children to syllables by clapping out their names. They should already know if their name is 1, 2,3 or 4 claps.

We will also be doing a lot of name writing- this is a task for our 3 year old and our 4 year old students. Each student should know how to write their name by the end of pre-k. This is using both upper case and lower case letters correctly.

We will also be reviewing counting one to ten objects in a set. We will focus on all numerals 1 to 10, sorting objects based on attributes (color, size, texture and shape). We will be reviewing all the shapes we have learned to this date.

We will be doing some science related investigations with seasons and the weather.

Skills Testing and Report Card

We have completed our skills testing for the middle of the year. We have seen growth on many of the children. We will be sharing their successes with you on their report cards and profile cards.

Should you have questions about your child's progress, please contact your child's teacher to set up a conference. We are available to discuss your child's progress sometimes before school starts, during our planning time, and sometimes after school. It is important to make an appoint for a meeting.

Report cards will be coming out on Friday January 22. You will get it in the white envelope. Please sign the envelope and return the envelope. If your child's profile card is on card stock paper please return it on Monday January 26th.

Hot and Cold!

Hot or Cold? Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. If you send sweaters,jackets, or coats- please make sure you have written your child’s name on the tag or in the article of clothing. We are still planning on going outside unless it is raining or snowing. We will use our best judgement on outside play and follow our district guidelines for outside play. We will still have time to do gross motor play. It will be in the classroom or in our motor lab using parachutes, jumping horses, balls and other items.

Food and Peanuts Allergies

Please be aware in a public school there are some students that have life threatening allergies. We ask that if you should provide any snacks or treats that they are nut free and follow the guidelines for the school district about food. We will be discouraging children from food sharing in the cafeteria. Some students can have a reaction off even the touch or smell of peanut/ nut products. Please be food safe.

Bad Weather-Snow and Ice

As we move into winter, it is important to know the school districts winter weather procedures. In the event of winter weather, the administration will consider the safety of our 53,000+ students and more than 6,000 employees in our 127-square mile district when making decisions about school closures.

LISD administrators will determine school cancellations or delays based on the safety of all students and staff district-wide.

If school is cancelled or delayed due to a weather-related event, parents and staff members will be notified via multiple platforms, including LISD’s parent callout system (Skylert), websites – including all campus websites – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For the most instantaneous notification, visit our website and/or follow us on Twitter.

Please know that LISD is working diligently to keep you informed as quickly as possible, but know that some forms of notification may be slightly delayed due to the demands of mass messaging.

As always, LISD will keep parents, students and community members informed with the most up-to-date information through these communication platforms. LISD thanks you in advance for your patience in the event of a winter weather situation.

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Rosalind Freedenberg

AM/PM Half Day Pre-Kindergarten

Office 469-713-5180


For Text Messaging please e-mail teacher for instructions

Twitter Handle @Rfreedenberg

Mrs. Heather Castillo

Whole Day Pre-Kindergarten

Office 469-713-5180


Ms. Jordan Hurley

PPCD Teacher

Office 469-713-5180