Called to More @ OLA

Week of October 18, 2021

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Blessed Carlo Acutis: A Saint in the making!

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Learning about our Saints

Each month we will learn about a Saint, one each month, and learn about how they were "Called to More" We will also learn how they answered this call. Learning about how the Saints lived their lives will help us understand how we too can answer the "Call to More."

We can pray to saints to help us.

They are so close to God that he has given them the ability to help us directly.

Exploring How We are Called to More!

Grade 3s "Parked" their ideas of how they can answer the Call to More in their "Parking Lot" and throughout the year they will revisit their ideas and commitments to reflect on their progress.

Lucky Ducks

4C - Descriptive Word Development

This Week @ OLA

October is Read in Month

This week is Bus Safety Week

Monday, October 18

  • Professional Learning Day for Staff - No School for Children

Tuesday, October 19

  • Rosary Walk in the Outdoor Classroom
  • Mme Gravelle & Bookmobile in 1M
  • 7:00pm Playground Meeting (virtual) - Check your email for the Google Meet invite and link
  • An awesome day to answer the "Call to More"

Wednesday, October 20

  • Virtual Announcements
  • Rosary Walk in the Outdoor Classroom
  • Take me Outside Day!
  • Sherritt Diversity & Inclusion Contest - Art Due Today : Click here for the newsletter containing the criteria for this calendar contest.

Thursday, October 21

  • Rosary Walk in the Outdoor Classroom
  • T/Th Kindergarten Teachers Pet Field Trip

Friday, October 22

  • Rosary Walk in the Outdoor Classroom
  • Mme Gravelle & Bookmobile in 2K
  • Mrs. Heesing & Bookmobile in 3K & 1&2E
  • Today and every day, we answer the "Call to More!"

Remote Control Monster Truck?

Yes you read that right! Mrs. Heesing, Mme Gravelle, Mrs. Kucy and Mrs. Weller will be visiting classes throughout the year and bringing with them The Bookmobile. They are gifted the pleasure of reading to children not just during Read-In Month, but every month...and we have a wild idea!

If you have a remote control monster truck at home collecting dust, and you are willing to share it with us for the year - we would love to incorporate this into our Bookmobile reading events with children. It would help to tow in the book we will be reading the children!! How fun!

Thank you for emailing Mme Gravelle at or Mrs. Weller at

Thank you for your help to bring even more joy to OLA children!

Gearing Up for Halloween

In a few weeks we will excitedly celebrate Halloween with our OLA community! To prepare for October 29th, here are a few pieces of information that will help set us all up for success:

  • Children are invited to wear and be in their costumes for the entire day;
  • Thank you for ensuring that costumes continue to allow children to move about their day as normal (ie. can sit, eat and go outside for recess)
  • Costumes are to be appropriate for school and are not to include excessive gore, blood or weapons. Thank you for ensuring that costumes are not offensive or perpetuate a stereotype of someone's culture, gender or heritage.
  • The masking requirement will continue to be in place, please ensure costumes allow for this.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to create a safe environment for all students and to set a good example and think about how costume choice may impact others in the building;
  • Throughout the day there will be in-class Halloween events and activities, a cohort dance hosted by Mme Gravelle and in-class parties;
  • Thank you for adding a special treat or two for your child to enjoy during their in class party - and this is a time when we can enjoy a treat or two from the "Choose Least Often foods as we work hard to live our Wellness Guidelines relating to Nutrition;
  • We will not be asking families to contribute food for the class to consume;
  • Should you wish to share a treat with your child's class, thank you for making it a non-food item.
  • Your child's teacher will share specifics regarding in-class events and activities and please connect with them if you have any questions. They can be reached by email through our website at;

We are looking forward to celebrating this very fun and exciting time together! Thank you for all your help to ensure everyone is well and joy-filled on this exciting day!

Are Yours Completed?

Have you logged onto your PowerSchool Parent Portal account to complete all of the required annual consent forms?

Did you know that if your child's Annual Low-Risk Field Trip form is not completed, they are unable to go on an off-site field trip with their class?

Did you know that if you're child's annual Technology Use Agreement form or One-to-One Use Agreement are not completed, they may be unable to access OLA's technology or wifi?

Do you love seeing evidence of your child learning and growing at OLA? Make sure you complete the annual FOIPP forms.

Thank you for taking a moment to log onto your PowerSchool Parent Portal account to complete the forms. If you have any questions, Mrs. Susan Desaulniers is our PowerSchool Guru and is delighted to help. Please contact her at 780-998-3716.

For more information about these annual forms, please click here.

Virtual Three Way Conferences

A Three Way conference is a conversation between students, parents and the teacher. It is a conversation about what the students are learning at school rather than what they are doing at school. It is checkpoint in your child's learning journey and vital for their progress and success. Thank you for setting aside time to celebrate your child's learning and growth!

  • The role of the parents is to listen to their child, ask questions and encourage the student to expand and explain information further.
  • The role of the teacher is to facilitate and lead the conversation about the student’s learning and prompt the student when needed.
  • The role of the student is to share their learning with their parents and reflect on the progress they have made so far this year.

Three Way Conferences will be virtual and you will receive a Google Meet Link to connect with your child's teacher at your scheduled time. All meets are set up that you will be "let into the meet." If you join the google meet early (and thank you for being ready on time!) your child's teacher will "let you in." Thank you for waiting patiently for that to occur.

Our Virtual Three Way Conferences are coming up November 2nd and 4th from 5pm - 8pm (Kinders also have daytime conferences on November 5th as there is no school for Kinder Kids).

Please watch your email early this week for the information on how to sign up for your child's Three Way Conference.

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1M - Practicing Fire Safety

Exploring Quality of Life in Social Studies

Lost and Found Masks

Please remember it is very important to send your child to school with a mask everyday. They also should be coming with an extra one (or a few) in their backpack in case they get lost, dirty or broken during the day.

We have a limited supply of masks in the office. We will be keeping track of the students that return to the office for multiple masks. The first visit the student will receive a paper mask, the second visit the student will receive a re-useable mask with their name written in it. The third visit we will inform you and add a $5.00 fee to PowerSchool accounts and supplying them with a re-usable mask.

If you are missing some re-useable masks please have your child stop by our lost and found box across from the office. All these masks have been thoroughly washed at school before they are hung on the lost and found box. Thank you Mrs. Gordon for picking up and cleaning the masks.

Read-In Month Guests!

Welcome Volunteers...and October is Read-In Month!

The engagement of parents in their child's education is an integral element to the learning success of children. We are looking forward to welcoming back this partnership in a fashion that ensures the continued health and safety of our OLA community.

Volunteers Needed:

  • October is Read-In Month!! Usually it's a week, but at OLA we feel that Literacy and a love of reading is SO important, we make it a WHOLE month! If you are interested in reading to your child's class either virtually or in person, please contact your child's teacher to offer dates/times you are available to read this month. We encourage you to bring and read a book you love or loved to read. When a parent reads to a class virtually, it opens the door for a Mystery Reader! Children ask questions, and parents answer by typing in the chat, to see if they can guess who you are. If you are interested in offering to be a Mystery Reader (and it means answering any questions kids may ask....:-) Then please share that with your child's teacher too. Let's make reading fun, together!! ***Special thank you to the parents who have already joined us for Read-In Week - It's SO great to see you in person! Thank you for being involved with your child's education!**
  • Painting the Town - We are looking for volunteers to paint fun pathways, games (such as 4 squares) and mazes on our tarmac for children to enjoy. If you or someone you know has access to or is willing to make this happen, please email Mme Gravelle at

Through pre-arranged in-person volunteering, the following will be expected:

  • Complete the Daily Screening Checklist
  • Volunteers are recommended to be fully vaccinated
  • Sign-in at the office and acknowledge completion of the Daily Screening Checklist.
  • Wear a volunteer badge at all times. This indicates to staff and students that you have completed the checklist, signed-in at the office, and are at the school for a specific pre-arranged purpose.
  • Maintain social distancing at much as possible with staff and students.
  • Be present at the for the scheduled duration of the volunteering time
  • Follow all masking, hand hygiene and hand hygiene protocols

Dropping off or picking up children, lunches or items will continue in the same fashion, and our exterior doors will remain secured.

Should you have any questions, please contact Mme Gravelle at 780-998-3716.

Volunteering in our Library Learning Commons

Parents and grandparents, Mrs. Buban in our Library Learning Commons has lots of tasks on her wish list. If you are interested in spending some time in the school and would enjoy helping with our library collection, our learning commons, or our upcoming book fair please send her a message at She will be delighted to hear from you!

Who's Who @ OLA?

Now that we are just over a month and a half into our school year together, we'd like to bring back the re-introduction of our amazing team of staff who "light up for your child" and walk with your them each and every joy-filled day.

We invite you to click here to put faces to names of the people your children may talk about home.

Exploring A Growth Mindset

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FORE! Grade 4s Learn to Golf!

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Outdoor Fun

Preparing our Evidence of Learning

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Congratulations and welcome to the 2021-2022 OLA School Council Executive!

Chair: Heather Spracklin

Co-Chair: Katie Bosse

Secretary: Terra Slaby

Treasurer: Crystal Breault

To connect to your new OLA School Council, please email

They are excited to serve our amazing OLA community and they invite you to join them for their next virtual OLA School Council Meeting on Thursday, November 18 at 7:00pm. Mark your calendars!

All parents are invited to attend the School Council meetings and as an OLA parent, you are already a member of the committee! Looking forward to seeing you there!

OLA is getting another Playground? Hooray!!

As some of you found out at OLA's School Council meeting, OLA is getting a new playground!! This new playground will be designed with elementary students in mind.

Please join us virtually at our Playground Society meeting Tuesday, October 19th @ 7pm. (Link to be sent out the morning of the meet)

We will be discussing topics such as:

  • What OLA families would like to see in a playground
  • Factors to consider in deciding what the playground budget should be
  • Fundraising goals and ideas
  • Our expected timeline

Come have your say, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Get to know the Fort Saskatchewan Catholic Schools Playground Society (FSCSPS) Executive

Chair-Sam LeDrew

Vice-Chair- Amber Eastman

Secretary- Vera Mazarak

Treasurer- Barbara Lemmens

Grade 4 Bibles

For the next few weeks we will be highlighting our Grade 4's. They received their Bibles Wednesday October 6th!. Congratulations.

Looking Ahead...

Looking Further Ahead...

October 25-29

  • Evidence of your Child's Learning so far this year, coming home this week
October 29
  • Halloween Party & Celebrations - details to come

November 1 - 5

  • Prayer Labyrinth at OLA
November 2 & 4
  • Virtual Three Way Conferences 5-8pm

November 3

  • Early Dismissal - 2:19pm

November 8 - 12

  • Fall Break - School Closed

November 17

  • Picture Day M/W Kindergarten and retakes for Grade 1 - 4

November 18

  • 7:00pm OLA School Council Meeting (virtual) - All parents are invited!

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Anxiety/Depression online support Group

This is open to anyone outside the Beaumont Area - Starts October 18, 2021

It's available to anyone with the maturity/desire to participate. We have had teens attend in the past, quite successfully. But this group is more specific to an adult age range, in that the discussions tend to be about what a person can do to help themselves (and teens don't always have the capability for some of the strategies, given their stage of brain development). We do often have parents attending to learn more about their teen's issues - and about how they can prompt/support their teen in ways that are effective, given the teen's depression.

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EICS Partners with Lurana House

Providing a continuum of care to women and children seeking refuge from abusive situations.