December 20, 2013

Room 26 News

Multiplying Decimals

Hi, our names are Luke and Blake and we are writing about curriculum. This week we are learning about multiplying decimals. Shall we get started? Money is in decimal form.
Right now we are only scraping the surface of how to multiply decimal times decimal, but we are strong in multiplying decimals times whole numbers. This subject is still new because we just started last week. We are still practicing.
The way you model it is by making a hundred grid. Then, color in the amount shown by one decimal. Next, draw the other decimal amount horizontally. The area where the pictures overlap is the product. When you multiply decimals, it is like division. An example 0.3 x 0.9 = 0.27.

By: Luke and Blake

    Explorer Report

    In the past few weeks, we have been learning about people who discovered new land. Everybody in the class was assigned a specific explorer to research. Some people got Sir Francis Drake and Ferdinand Magellan. First, we found the information online and in books about our explorer and we wrote notes. Second, we wrote a rough draft biography of our explorer. Third, was our final draft. Last, but not least, we made our iMovie. An iMovie is where you make a movie for your project. So that wraps up our explorer reports. We hope we can do this again.

    by Hanna and Michelle

      Ask Astrid

      Dear Astrid,
      I like playing on the vega but sometimes kids randomly jump on. I don't want to be mean and make them sad by telling them to get off. What should I do?
      Concerned Student

      Dear Concerned Student,
      Remember you don't own the vega. It is the school's and all of the students deserve to have a turn. If they are jumping on it, it is wrong to do that. Be respectful when using the vega. I'm afraid to go because I think I will fly off. I am a lizard so I am a little (a lot) too small for it. Anyway, what I think is you guys need to be a little better at sharing and the people who are jumping on need to get better at waiting their turn. The point is don't jump on the vega if its not your turn, and don't forget to share with others.

        Astro Camp Concert

        We had a concert to help raise money for the fifth graders to go to Astro Camp. Tony Ferrari performed with 2 other special guests who were Raelee Nicole and Garret Seamans. The concert was on Thursday, December 12th. We challenged everybody in our class to come and bring treats for the bake sale. Almost everybody brought their friends and family to the fun evening event. Thanks for supporting our class trip!

        Maribel and Layne

          NFL Update

          The NFL is the most exciting football league in the U.S.A. So far in the 2013 season, many teams like the Atlanta Falcons, who finished 13-3 last year, have fallen under the 500 mark. Meanwhile, teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, who finished 2-14 last season, have turned their franchise around and are 10-3. Right now, there are only a few more weeks left until the Super Bowl and we decided to ask room 26 who they thought would win the Super Bowl. Here are our results:

          By: Trey and Jessy

          Christmas Break and Gift Drive

          As you know there is an upcoming holiday! We are going to have 2 weeks off of school to enjoy Christmas and the New Year. We're all excited for our upcoming break. Most of the kids are going to do fun things over this vacation, like traveling, having a family dinner and going to see other family members. So now lets see what our classmates are going to do over this fun winter break!

          Ava: “I am going to Pine Mountain to see my grandma.”

          Tanner: “I’m going to have an Ugly Sweater Contest on Christmas Eve with my family.”

          Jessy: “I’m going to see my family members for Christmas and Christmas Eve.”

          Trey: “I’m going to have a nice family Christmas at home."

          Ameeta: "I’m going up to Big Bear."

          It looks like our class is doing some pretty fun things over the break!

          Room 26 students also participated in the Adopt-a-Family Holiday Gift Drive. It is a charitable activity of adopting a family to make sure this family gets to wake up on Christmas morning and have presents under their tree. We made this happen by buying new books, clothes, toys, etc. We hope this family enjoys their new gifts from our class, ROOM 26!

          By: Myles, Braulio, and Yacir

            Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?

            What is the product of 0.29 X 9?

            A. 1.98

            B. 2.61

            C. 1.91

            D. 4.52

            2. Fill in the blank: Water : fire :: wet : ______.

            A: evaporation

            B: dry

            C: water

            D: heat

            3. What is the correct way to fix this sentence (possessive nouns) : Salli's friends dog' s are fun to play with?

            A: Sally's friend's dogs are fun to play with!

            B: Salli's friend dogs are fun to play with.

            C: Sally's friend dogs is funz to play with...?

            D: Sally's friend's dogs are fun to play with

            4. What is 0.25 x 10?

            A: 2.5

            B: 2.3

            C: 2.6

            D: 3.5

            5. What is it called when there is text below a picture or diagram?

            A: self-heading

            B: heading

            C: caption

            D: diagram

            Answers: 1. B, 2. B, 3. A, 4. A, 5.C

            Created by: Haili and Lucas

              Seen and Heard by Ameeta and Jackie

              The BFG

              The BFG is about an orphan named Sophie who is taken by the BFG at the crack of dawn. Sophie has to save England before the Bloodboteler, the flesh lumper, and the bone cruncher eat the Queen of England. Sophie decides she must stop them once and for all and the BFG is going to help her. I recommend this book for ages 8-12. This book was written by the famous Roald Dahl, who also wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach. This book had me up all night. I think you will enjoy The BFG very much!
              By: Noelle Harvey

              Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague

              Hello Room 26 parents. Have you finished a great book and need something to read? If so you are in luck because I'm going to tell you about a book I read and think you will like too. This book is called Fablehaven : Grip of the Shadow Plague. This book is about two kids named Kendra and Seth. Kendra is a person who gets good grades and rules are really important to her. Seth is kind of the opposite. He is very adventurous, doesn't care much about the rules, and doesn't get very good grades. A few years earlier, they found out that their Grandma and Grandpa Sorenson run a refuge for magical creatures called Fablehaven. Now, a mysterious plague is turning all creatures of light, into creatures of darkness. Kendra and Seth must find a way to stop it while at the same time trying to subdue the evil Society of the Evening Star. Will they succeed? You can find out in the book Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy, action, and adventure books.

              By: Austin

              Editors: John and Ava