Air Pollution

By: Natalie Son

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Overall Summary

Air pollution is when bad substances are released in the air. It harms our environment and the people living in it. This is caused mostly by household items, motor vehicles and industrial facilities. We can prevent this by using less items that use gasoline such as driving someplace a few blocks ahead when you can just walk or bike there. Air pollution affects our daily health too. Indoor and outdoor pollution can cause fatal respiratory diseases, such as asthma. Many of these can occur to almost any person based on how high the pollution is in the air. This is a global issue because major combustion fuels used all around the world are everywhere to help us live our everyday lives, and without it, we have nothing. We need these things to survive such as heating and cooking in our homes and getting to long distance places. There are many organizations that study, help and focus on Air pollution too. These help advocate air pollution because the WHO program helps provide support to improve the technology in air condition to struggling countries. Some positive and negative that influence the health status is smoking and second hand smoke. It can be positive because the people who sell and make them are making the profit, but it is very bad and does bad thing to the environment and to the human body. Smoking and second hand smoke causes bad fumes in the air and also leads to many respiratory diseases.


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