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November 2021


Fall is definitely in the air! Rainy days are becoming more common and we are seeing the sun a little less. Now seems like a really good time to remind you about processes and procedures if we experience flooding or icy road conditions. If we are concerned about road conditions we will send multiple staff out in the very early hours of the morning to check out the roads to make decisions for late starts and/or school closures. We are also in communication with, and take input from, the local authorities and emergency management when road conditions change. We will do our best to communicate with staff and families by 6:30am at the latest should we need to make adjustments to the day’s schedule. This information is shared as early as possible through School Messenger phone calls to staff and families, through the district Facebook page, and through the district’s Remind app. As always, the safety of our staff and students is our primary concern. Travel only when you feel it is safe.


The Liberty traffic project is finished!! This project has allowed for increased parking for both Liberty School during school hours and the YMCA after school hours. Buses will now turn into the south entrance of the YMCA to pick students up near the Liberty gym. This will hopefully help with reduction in traffic congestion and will definitely increase safety as students will not be getting on or off buses on a busy street. This project was one of our final bond projects. A huge THANK YOU to our community for supporting the safety of the students in the Tillamook School District.


Congratulations to Tillamook School District #9 Hispanic parent group Padres Unidos and Liberty ELD Teacher Silvia Dickson for organizing the first annual Día de los Muertos display competition. This year South Prairie, Liberty, Tillamook High School, and The Centro Familiar Latino at the district office entered into the school category. Local businesses also entered into the business category. Thank you to La Mexicana, La Providencia, Las Margaritas, La Placita Internacional, and Luz Mexican Restaurant for participating in our Día de los Muertos celebration. Judges for the event this year were Superintendent Curt Shelley, Communications/Grant/Foundation Director Jennifer Guarcello, School Board Member Kris Lachenmeier, and parent Berta Avila. Winners will be announced after all of the ballots are counted. Excellent job on all of the displays!!
Big picture


Every year, the school principal, Mrs. Williamson, has a pumpkin growing contest with her mother-in-law. This year, she definitely did not grow the biggest pumpkin (her best effort is pictured below - the much smaller pumpkin on the right). However, Liberty was still the winner because the giant pumpkin came to school for all the students to examine, study, and enjoy. The pumpkin traveled from classroom to classroom on a cart, to allow students to compare and analyze this huge pumpkin to more typically sized pumpkins.

In the last week of October, the staff and students had a contest to see who could come closest to guessing the actual weight of the pumpkin. All three winners were within 5 lbs of the actual weight of 189 lbs. A huge thank you to Tillamook Meat Inc. for helping by transporting the pumpkin from school to the store and back again, to determine the actual weight using their scales. That is one huge pumpkin grown right here in Tillamook!


This month we had two in-house Science field trips. In 4th grade, students had the opportunity to rotate between various science stations. They learned about wind energy, wave energy, kinetic energy, and geology through hands-on activities. THS students, Oregon STEM coaches, and Amy Schmid, TSD9 Natural Resource Coordinator were all present to help. In 5th grade, students had the opportunity to learn about cells and ecosystems found in Netarts Bay. The in-house field trip consisted of four stations led by local high school students in the Natural Resource Program as well as Friends of Netarts Bay WEBS (Watershed, Estuary, Beach & Sea). Stations included oysters and how they are grown on the Oregon Coast, crab dissection, a close up look at organisms found in bay water using microscopes, and small samples of bay water where students examined food webs found. Although students were not physically right next to Netarts Bay for this field trip, students enjoyed themselves and were able to take an indepth look at one of the amazing ecosystems they live close to in Tillamook.


Zombies have taken over TJHS! On Friday, October 29, Tillamook Jr. High hosted the Annual Zombie Run to raise money for our school fitness trail. Staff transformed into zombies and medics all in the name of fitness. Zombies chased students, but “medics” were on hand to offer survival help when needed. All students had the opportunity to fundraise and earn points to purchase prizes like candy bars, crazy socks, blinking glasses, and the ultimate...a mini fridge!


October 11-15 was Homecoming Week at THS. The students participated in an array of activities and had a great time. Tillamook High School had a record number of students attend the Homecoming dance this year with 430 showing up. Special thanks to all the staff and ASB students who made it happen!


Tillamook High School partnered with the YMCA to throw the first THS Community Tailgate party ahead of the Homecoming football game. The event was a huge success and we hope to make it a yearly tradition.


Mr. & Mrs. Bush made the big trip to Indianapolis, Indiana with several FFA teams and members last week. They returned with a lot to celebrate! A big thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Bush and congratulations to the following members:

Horse Evaluation CDE Team - Silver Team Medal

Zack Olson-Stein - Bronze

Peyton Rawe and Olivia Olson - Silver

Makinley Nielsen - Gold

Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management CDE Team - Silver Team Medal

Emma Taksdal - Bronze

Worth Johnston and Mariana Llamas - Silver

Coltan Seals - Gold

Dairy Handlers CDE Individual

Maddie Prince - Gold (5th overall)

American Degree Recipients (highest degree award bestowed to an FFA member)

Lexie Crabtree (in attendance to receive)

Kellen Shelley (absent from ceremony)

Cassie Wehage (absent from ceremony)


While Fall may be a time of kicking back and relaxing for some, in the Agricultural world, and particularly in OUR horticulture program, we are in full production. The youth are busy as moles changing our ground into fertile soil for the coming Spring. Major harvesting is also being done, and that is what I would like to share with you here. Please enjoy these photos of some of the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor.


Tillamook Preschool programming has expanded this year! We now have almost 60 kiddos in the preschool program. 20 students attend full days as part of the grant funded Preschool Promise class with Mrs. Hendrickson. 36 students attend half day classes funded through Tillamook School District with Mrs. Bartlett. It has been a true pleasure watching these students grow in the last two months! This month they were able to participate in a pumpkin patch at their school and go Trick-or-Treating at Wilson River High School. The Wilson River students have been a huge help to our youngest students, helping put out pumpkins for the pumpkin patch as well as handing out candy for Trick-or-Treating. It's a great partnership serving both little and big kids alike!

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