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Become an ASSE Exchange Student or Host One!

Enhance Your Second Language Learning Opportunities!

Wonderful High School Parents and Students,

We would like to share two unique opportunities to improve your student's second language acquisition skills.

Option 1: Spend a summer, semester or year abroad!

Through this opportunity you would get to experience life in another country with a warm and welcoming host family. You would attend high school, make new friends, and learn to speak the language just like a native speaker! Learning that second language is easier than you think when you live it! Check out our Outbound Brochure here!

Check out one of our current outbound student's experiences in Sweden this year! Luke Acuff

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Option 2: Bring the world to your home by hosting an ASSE high school foreign exchange student

This opportunity would allow your family to experience another culture first hand in the comfort of your own home. ASSE partners with many sending offices all over the world to bring high school foreign exchange students to the States for a semester or school year program. As a host family you will get to share all the things you love about the USA with your student, and he/she will get to share about their culture, language and way of life at home with you. You will make lifelong friendships, and the chance to rediscover your own country through the eyes of your student. Apply Here!


ASSE International Student Exchange program

ASSE’s mission is to foster international understanding through educational and cross cultural programs