November 13, 2015

Looking for Ways to Challenge Your Child at Home? Try a Story Swap!

1. Have one family member write the first complete sentence. It can be rather silly. Pay attention to proper sentence structure - use of capital and lowercase letters, spacing, syntax, and ending punctuation.

2. Pass the page to the next family member to write a complete sentence that ends with a word that rhymes with the last word in the first sentence.

For example:

When I am at school, I do lots of math.

When I get dirty, I take a bath.

3. Then pass the page to the next family member who will create the next sentence. This sentence does not have to rhyme with the first two sentences.

4. Give the page to the next family member who will then write a sentence rhyming with the previous one. The sentences should rhyme in pairs. Your story will be in the style of Dr. Seuss.

5. Continue writing sentences together to complete the page. Then read your story aloud. If you'd like, you may even create a video and email it to me!

Adapted from "Empower Primary and Inspire Change" -Kirk & Squires

"You're so smart!"

Below is a link to Ian Byrd's article revealing why these words, while intended to be encouraging, can actually be damaging to our gifted children. Teachers have come to me concerned about GT students in their classes, and I am seeing the effects of these words as I work with students in GT LEAD. We are spending time in class developing growth mindset, but it would be wonderful to have families working together on this at home, as well. Please read the article below to better understand mindset, impostor syndrome, praise, and how we can help our kids!

Be Sure to Ask, "What's Going on in GT LEAD?"

First Grade: Tell me about the book, "My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks"! What is a simile? Who did you choose to write yours about? Are there any pictures or objects you still need in order to create your portrait next week?

Second Grade: What have you learned about the brain so far? What happens in our brains as we practice something new and persevere during challenges?

Third Grade: I heard you're a top executive at a company that produces and sells styrofoam cups. Tell me about the problems your company faces. How did you and your co-worker(s) attempt to solve this problem? Tell me about your cup. In what ways did you SCAMPER the original cup?

Fourth Grade: Tell me about the region of Texas you studied. What did you include in your commercial? Why did you choose to include that information (or use that marketing technique)? What was excellent? What could have used improvement? Sing your song/jingle for me.

Fifth Grade: Tell me about your SPARK talk topic? What is your personal connection to this topic? What are you hoping to "spark" in others? What additional information do you need to find?

Cindy Garcia GT Specialist at Silver Lake Elementary School