Mr. B's Bright Lights for February

Short but very busy week!

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Our PTO is the best!

These words are shared weekly, if not daily at our school. The faculty and staff cannot say enought about the support of this organization. Each and every event, appreciation activity, treats, dinners, etc. are welcomed by each and every person in our school. How do we say THANK YOU!

4k Holiday Fun

Valentine's Day in 4K came with plenty of fun and games to celebrate the day. So much more than treats and cards, the children had a blast participating in games and crafts. Thank you so much parents!

JRFH-Another smashing success

Our annual effort to support the American Heart Association was postponed from this past Friday, due to snow, to Monday. The excitement was palpable and the music from former student and current 8th grader, Joey Angeli (DJ), kept the gym rockin. Thanks for the support-it is priceless and the kids activity level was sky high! Our co-coordinators, Ms. Monson and Mrs. Stauber are to be commended for their efforts as well.

Mike Budisch

The 4K Valentine's Day celebration was full of fun activities that gave the children the chance to participate in relays, cut and paste, swatting balloons back and forth over a net, drawing and coloring. Wonderful parents came to join in the fun and facilitation of the event. WhooooHoooo!