Night of the Twisters

by Ivy Ruckman


The characters in this story are Ryan, Dan, Stacy, Arthur, Mom, Dad, Miss. Smiley, Grandma hatch, Grandpa hatch, Aunt Goldie, Officer Kelly, and The Darlington's.


There are a lot of tornados but Dan and Arthur go to the basement during the tornados and they survived. Then Dan, Arthur, and Stacy don't have a home so they work on their home for a year.

Here are some of the main characters!


One night Dan and Arthur where having a sleepover then mom went to go check on Mrs. Smiley and dad went to Grandma and Grandpa's farm. So Dan, Arthur and Ryan were home alone. Then the tornado sirens went off so Dan, Arthur and Ryan ran to the basement and hid in the shower! Then the tornados went right over them and then after the tornados were done Stacey came over and got them out of the basement and they went to go find mom. After that they found mom and got Mrs. Smiley out of the basement and got her on the bus for K-mart. Mom and Ryan were already at K-mart but when they got Mrs. Smiley on they could not get on because it was to full so they got a ride from a police and then another tornado went passed and the polices glasses shattered and he could not see so Dan drove to the police office and they slept there. The next day Arthur and Stacey found their dad and left and Dan got a ride to K-mart and then when they got there everyone was gone then Dan was sitting on the curb with no one was with him then his dad came behind him in his car and he already had mom and Ryan.


Nebraska, Grand island, Dan's house, Arthur's house, Mrs. Smiley's house, and K-mart.

Did you know that the tornados actually hit Grand Island, Nebraska? Dan's name is Mark in real life!!!!!!!!!!!! Arthur does not have 7 sisters he has 3 brothers? Another important part of the setting is time. The author used time instead of chapters to tell when things happened in the story.