Ancient China's Culture

David Della Fave, Mikey Hourihan, and Daniel Murphy


Culture is a very important aspect for the Chinese because it is a way to define by different ways of life, and their characteristics. One interesting fact of Ancient China are that they had a very unique writing system not made after the sound of a word, but how they look by using something called pictographs. Another interesting fact of Ancient China’s culture was that the poor families would sell their daughters, to become servants of the rich. Some reasons why are that religion controlled and determined most of daily life activities, and writing changed the way business dealings were done and history was kept. Another couple of reasons why it is important to China is because architecture impacted the study of mathematics, science and engineering, and innovations allowed for the creation of job specialization and a wider gap between social classes. Finally, achievements paved the way for more complex economic and military systems.The cultural developments during the China civilization made the largest impact on the people.

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Facts Sheet

Writing Changed the Way Business Dealings Were Done and History Was Kept

  • In Ancient China they spoke to their gods, and ancestors by using oracle bones. They did this by getting a bone and carving a question on it and then burned the bone in fire. From there they took the bone out and a person would study the cracks in the bone. The answer would be in the bones.

  • One of China’s first for of writing was pictograms. They drew many pictograms together. When they did this it became an ideogram. With an ideogram they made many pictures to mean things.

  • Another form of writing that the Chinese made was symbols. These symbols were ment to refer to somthing. In others words they were meant to mean things.

  • Certain people in China knew how to read and write. Some of these people went on to make books for the Emperor, and other people.

Achievements Paved the Way For More Complex Economic and Military Systems

  • In China, it took a long time to make but, when they finished the Great Wall of China it was one of their greatest achievements.

  • Another achievement from Ancient China is paper. They were the ones to create writing paper. Without this we may have never been able to write on paper.

  • Saving records and keeping them was a great achievement because now they could see and remember things that happened long ago.

  • A big achievement was the creation of oracle bones because it let them believe that they could speak and ask gods and ancestors questions.

Architecture Impacted the Study of Mathematics, Science and Engeneering

  • Some of the materials that people in Ancient China usd to build are brick, stone, and also paved stone.

  • If you were to go in one of the rich persons house you would find many things like books, book shelves, pottery, and painting.

  • Many kinds of buildings in China were walls, gates, temples, and palaces. Some of these buildings were very important to the Chinese.

  • The architecture was very unique because it really stood out. Some of the things that made it stuck out are tips, points, raised platforms, and the style of the roofs.


In China the culture was an important part of their life, and made a huge impact on everyone. The culture made an impact by making their daily life full of worshiping, and beliefs. They worshiped their ancestors and also worshiped gods. Another way culture made and impact was with culture people learned to read, and write. Next, another reason is with their culture they were able to make things like books, pottery, and paintings. Also, with culture they were able to use it to make their own kind of buildings. When they did that they discovered their own kind of architecture. The Chinese used their unique culture to make many innovations that would help them, some include, silk clothing, gunpowder powered fireworks, paper, and the wheelbarrow. Some things that we can learn from ancient China are how to believe that a life never dies, and to always believe in loved ones. In all, China’s culture was very unique, and important.