The Amazing Amazon

Carpellotti, Carletti, Moran, Ogden

The Rain Forest

Lumber and other minerals are harvested from rain forests. This lumber is used over the world. It can be used to make chairs, paper, tables, doors, toys, garden furniture and even flooring. Minerals found in the rain forest are used for many types of things that we use in our everyday lives.


Types of wood:

  • Plywood

  • Teak

  • Mahogany

  • Melina

  • Okoume

    A list of what these woods make:

    • Plywood

    1. Boats

    2. Chairs

    3. Stools

    4. Signs

    5. Steps

    • Teak

    1. Pencils

    2. Sculptures

    3. Coffee tables

    4. Spoons

    5. Handles

    6. Pens

    7. Chairs

    • Mahogany

    1. Desks

    2. Jars

    3. Bookcase

    4. Guitar

    5. Masks

    6. Phonecase

    • Melina

    1. Drums

    2. Cups

    3. Whistles

    • Okoume

    1. Chest pieces

    2. Kayaks

    3. Steering wheels

    4. Floor boards

    5. Perfume


  1. Mercury

  2. Bauxite

  3. manganese

  4. beryllium tungsten


  1. Gold

  2. Copper

  3. Tin

  4. Nickel

  5. Iron

Main things students use from these woods:

  1. Paper

  2. tables

  3. chairs

  4. pencils

Ways to save the rain forest:

At home:

  • Re-use brown paper bags to line your trash can instead of plastic liners.

  • Recycle everything you can: newspapers, cans, glass bottles and glass jars, aluminum foil, motor oil,and scrap metal

In your yard:

  • Compost your leaves and yard debris, or take them to a yard debris recycler. (If you burn them it causes air pollution which is not good.)

  • Use only organic fertilizers.

While you are away from home:

  • Turn down/off your heat and air conditioning before you leave.

  • Carry reusable cups, dishes, and silverware.


  • Show a good example and spread the word by telling friends and family members to help save the rain forest too.

  • Teach children to respect nature and the environment. Take them on hikes, or camping.

  • Help them plant a tree or build a birdhouse. Teach should teach them by your example.


1. Illegal mining is on the rise

2. There is a lot of pollution

3. One-fifth of the world's fresh water is found in the Amazon Basin

4. More than 56,000 square miles of natural forest are lost each year

5. More than 2,000 tropical forest plants have been identified by scientists as having anti-cancer properties