News from Glacier Peak

May, 7th 2021

Remarks from Mr. Griffin

Dear Glacier Peak Families,

We made it to May and there is an end in sight to this challenging year. Because of your commitment to following the protocol by being cautious of sending sick students to school, we have continued to have a successful school year. We hit a few challenges last week but please know that we are committed to doing everything to ensure that we end the school year with students in school.

May is the unique time of year that all of the Glacier Peak staff is continuing to work hard for all of our students, but we also start planning for next year. It is bittersweet that I recognize Mrs. Ginger Yost and share that after 20 years of teaching, she has decided to retire. I don't think I can express in words how invaluable Mrs. Yost has been to the students and staff at Glacier Peak. If your child has had the opportunity to be in her class, I know that you will want to join me and celebrate Mrs. Yost in your own way. Mrs. Yost has always had an amazing ability to connect with our students and has supported them to develop academically, socially, and behaviorally. Mrs. Yost is a tremendous loss for Glacier Peak, but I know her legacy of always putting students first will carry on. Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Yost on her retirement!

As mentioned above it has been a tough year attempting to adjust and endure the response to COVID. This has really changed our world. As we near the end of this year, I am proud of the perseverance and resilience that our staff and students have demonstrated this year. Thank you to all of our staff and students for their hard work and determination. Thank you as well to all of our parents and guardians who had to change schedules, become teachers at home, and who have supported your child. Everyone has made Glacier Peak an amazing place to be!

A reminder, that while many of us have our own dogs and other animals at home, it is Adams 12 District Policy that no dogs or other animals are allowed on school property, especially during arrival and dismissal time. Thank you for your understanding.

We have numerous important dates for the end of the year. I will continue to communicate any changes through email and text.

Please check out the details below regarding:

  • 5th Grade Continuation
  • Kindergarten Continuation
  • Classlist information
  • Library and Device Check-in
  • Information on the Author's visits last month
  • Field Day

Thanks so much for your continuous support. If you have any comments, questions, feedback, or compliments, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email at Have a great weekend!


Tim Griffin


Important Calendar Dates and Information

May 7 and 14 were originally scheduled as an Assessment Day and an Elementary Work Day. Due to the snow days in March, students will have a full day of school on both May 7 and 14. Students will attend their normal school hours.

Upcoming important dates:

  • 5/21/21 Last day to purchase items with ROAR OUTs
  • 5/21/21 Born to Play Field Day
  • 5/24/21 Kindergarten graduation
  • 5/26/21 5th grade continuation
  • 5/27/21 Last Day of School for students
  • 5/28/21 Last Day for staff

5th grade information on Continuation

We have some information regarding our 5th-grade continuation this school year. You can find the information in this Google Document

We are so excited to celebrate your children and our 5th graders this year. Our Continuation celebration will be a bit different due to restrictions. However, we are thankful we are still able to celebrate our kiddos.

Our celebration will take place in the late afternoon and evening of Wednesday, May 26th. We will have a drive-through celebration. Adults will drive through the hug n' go loop (described below) while their child is in the passenger seat. As you drive your family and 5th grader will be celebrated and cheered by our wonderful school community. Once you see your child's teacher you will stop for a greeting and your child's Continuation certificate. Then you'll pull forward for some additional goodies.

Your child's teacher will also email you some recorded continuation messaging that will be shared with students during class on Wednesday, May 26th.

Below you will see information about the hug n' go entrance and any further information your family needs. If you have questions please reach out to your child's teacher. We are thrilled to be able to have a celebration with you!


Ms. Mueller

Ms. Penney

Mr. Rosenthal

Kindergarten Graduation 2021

We have some information regarding our Kindergarten Graduation this school year. You can find the information in this Google Document

Important Please Read!!!!

This celebration will be for all in-person and remote students. If remote families feel comfortable to come in-person to take part in this celebration, we will have treats and props for you to come together as a community. Mrs. Yost will not be present but we will celebrate with your students in her absence.

Field Day

Field Day will look a little different this year. We were unable to have field day last year, but Mr. Hood has thought outside of the box this year. All of our in-person students will participate in our Born to Play Field Day. Mr. Hood has created a field day type of activity During their normal scheduled Specials time. Unfortunately, we will still not be able to have parents here during this Field Day. You can find more information about Born to Play Field Day in this link.

Classlist information

Our staff will be starting the process of creating class lists for the next school year. This is quite an intensive process. The current grade level starts to compile lists by taking many aspects into consideration (I.E. male/female, ELL, special education, G.T., etc). We also look at our clusters (IEP, GT, ELL), small groups of students that we put into the same class. After lists are started, our special ed, specials, BASE, admin, etc. look at the lists and look for good combinations or conflicts. These lists are then shared with the next year’s grade level team. Finally, the current grade level looks at comments and suggestions before the administration finalizes the lists. This entire process is about 2-3 weeks. Class lists will be posted in August of 2021.

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade Author Visit

Hello families,

On April 27th the Kindergarten, first, and second-grade students were visited by an incredible author Andrea Wang. Andrea has beautiful picture books with diverse characters. The students learned about the writing process, and what it is like to be an author. Your students brought home a book order, and it is attached here. Please consider ordering her books from the BookBar, a local bookstore that is responsible for offering this author's visit. If you have any questions please contact Stephanie Padon.

3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Author Visit

Hello Glacier Peak Parents,

On April 7th grades 3-5 were lucky enough to have a virtual authors visit. The author was Melissa Savage, and the experience was wonderful. I hope your students shared with you how much they learned from listening and interacting with an author. Melissa has many titles that are great for readers who are ready for chapter books, or who are reading between a 3rd and 5th-grade level. The local books store The Book Bar was kind enough to arrange this for our school and is dedicated to creating a love of reading in the community. Your students' teacher should have sent home an order form with information on how to order the book from the bookbar. Please help us support this local bookstore and community partner by ordering the text through them instead of a third party. If you order a book and specifically name Glacier Peak it will be conveniently delivered to our school. I will attach the book order below, please reach out to Stephanie Padon ( if you have any questions.

Karma Moon Book Order

Summer Enrichment

Summer Enrichment is coming to GPE. I will be communicating with our community in regards to summer enrichment opportunities for a small cohort of GPE students. We do have limited spaces and limited staff that will be here at school in the first two weeks of June. Information will be coming out today for families that have been nominated for the specific programming.

Library Books and Fees

We had many library books that were not returned after the 19-20 school year. These books have now been updated as “lost” and fees have been assigned. Please take a moment to check around your home for any library books you may have and return them as soon as possible.

All outstanding fees should be paid prior to the end of the school year. You can check outstanding fees on your parent portal and pay them on Transitioning students in grades 5, 8, and 12 must have their balances paid before moving into the next level of school.

Summer BASE Information

2021 Summer BASE Program Registration is Open!

Summer BASE Programs provide a window of opportunity for our students to connect with others. Summer BASE can play a key role in providing the kinds of relationships, supports, and opportunities essential to furthering a student's social and emotional learning. Further, allowing youth to engage and explore through various activities like nutrition education, arts & crafts, science, math and literacy activities, daily physical activity, organized games, and creative free-time play.

Summer BASE will operate June 2 - August 6, 2021. Summer BASE sites are open Monday-Friday, 7:15 am - 5:15 pm.

Students attending Summer BASE will attend 2 off-site field trips each week. Field trips will be thoughtfully selected to allow for social distancing and COVID safety protocols.

For more information and details regarding the Summer BASE Program review the 2021 Summer BASE Parent Letter.

To indicate your interest in registering for Summer BASE, complete the 2021 Summer BASE Interest Form.


An important reminder about the importance of daily attendance online. Given the extensive teaching and learning taking place, it is critical students are present and able to engage alongside their peers. If students are not actively engaged and present, they are not learning! If your students must be out and cannot attend their online class, please remember to call the Glacier Peak Attendance Line at 720-972-5995.


Families in need of Internet connectivity support or a hotspot should submit a request at Family Tech Support, (FTS) by clicking "Submit a Request" at the top of the page on the right.

In Person Learning Procedures 20/21

Please use this link to review procedures for In Person Learning.

We will be adding important information and sending out communication about happenings at Glacier Peak. Please check out our page by clicking the button above.