Teddy The Giant Slayer

Dissolves giant corporations while representing the people

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Trust Criticizer

Sidekick of Teddy The Giant Slayer. He criticizes the business methods of Standard Oil. He uses his writing to help Teddy bust trusts.

Anti-Progression Man

Evil nemesis of Teddy The Giant Slayer.

He is called Anti-Progression man because he stands for all of the things that hold the country back from growing the way Teddy The Giant Slayer wants it to.

In favor of combinations of companies that restrained trade or commerce.

Didn't want irrigation to have a lot of funding.

Wanted people to get refunded on published freight rates.

Wasn't in favor of the Interstate Commerce Commission having the power to regulate railroad sales.

Didn't want the US to deal with foreign lands.


How Teddy The Giant Slayer defeated the causes of his evil nemesis:

Sherman Antitrust Act regulated interstate commerce.

The National Reclamation Act funded irrigation projects for 20 states.

Anti-Rebate Act made it illegal for railroads to refund their published freight rates.

Hepburn Act gave the Interstate Commerce Commission power to regulate railroad sales.

The Philippine Government Act established the Islands as unorganized territory and their people as territorial citizens.


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