Square Up to RTI2

February, 2018

" How we treat reading problems in the classroom affects student outcomes – and our stress" James Murphy

Say Dyslexia Law Reminders and Resources

  • Talking Points- Characteristics of Dyslexia... This document contains talking points for administrators and staff when having conversations with parents regarding characteristics of dyslexia.
  • ELL/Dyslexia Letter Guidance: The document below provides guidance when determining the need for a dyslexia letter for English Language Learners.

  • FAQ- Characteristics of Dyslexia... This document contains frequently asked questions (and answers) about dyslexia.
  • Reminder in the Student RTI2 Plan: Document in the data review meeting notes if a student is exhibiting characteristics of dyslexia, including the areas that were identified and date the letter was sent home to parents.
  • Dyslexia in the Classroom: What Every Teacher Needs to Know - This is a resource for classroom teachers.
  • Dyslexia Google Drive: The link below will take you to a Google folder with resources regarding dyslexia. Items include the PowerPoints and handouts from recent trainings, assessments like the PASS and PWRS, and more.

    Follow this link to Say Dyslexia Law resources.
  • Characteristics of Dyslexia parent video: Please click below to view the parent video regarding the dyslexia letter. This link is included in the parent letter and in the parent brochure.
  • Dyslexia reporting and mail merge information- You will find a video below with directions on completing the spreadsheet and mail merge. These directions cover most versions of Microsoft Excel and Word. If you are having any issues with downloading or merging the letter, please contact your RTI2 coach.

High School RTI2 Town Hall Meeting

The East Tennessee Region Town Hall meeting will be held Wednesday, February 21, from 6:00-7:30 at West High School. The focus of this meeting is to gather information and feedback regarding RTI2 at the high school level. The meeting will be facilitated by Tennessee Department of Education staff. Administrators, educators, and community members are invited to attend.

Aspen Updates

You may have noticed that there are some changes to the RTI2 Student Plan page in Aspen.

  • We have added a drop down option for you to mark if additional assessments (like the PASS or PWRS) have been given. The specific assessment and results should be noted in the Data Review Meeting Notes.
  • A drop down option is also being added for the RTI2 Termination Reason. You will be able to note if the plan is ending for a variety of reasons, including moved out of district, now receiving special education services, change in tier, and more. This is a work in progress but should be ready soon.
  • The school information has also changed somewhat. You now see the school where the plan originated as well as the current school. Be sure to remember to change the school year when creating a new plan.