Advanced Grade 6 Language Arts

Aycock Middle School

Status Report

In analyzing the working conditions in their primary text, Lyddie, students are using prior knowledge on collecting evidence to form a position in an argumentative essay on whether or not Lyddie should sign a petition that advocates in favor of workers' rights. In crafting a claim, students are urged to seek third party opinions on how sound their evidence is. We will will be spending the upcoming weeks delving into model essays, graphic organizers, and the importance of sound reasoning.

3rd Quarter Reading Challenge

In an effort to challenge students, build vocabulary, and provide an opportunity to explore several genres, the 3rd Quarter Reading Challenge is underway. Please be mindful of the genres that have been stipulated, specifically Classic and Fantasy. Books should be selected bearing in mind grade level and lexile level; no singular aspect disqualifies a book. If there are any questions concerning a story, please contact me. I am providing links to resources I believe to be beneficial for students seeking reading options.

Parent Survey

Parents and guardians, I am surveying the public school community for Aycock Middle School for a class that I am undertaking, School-Community Relations. The survey is anonymous and brief, and I would greatly appreciate participation as more data would certainly help build a more substantial evaluation. You will find the following link takes you to the survey. In addition, I am sending the link over ClassDojo for any that prefer that mode.

What I'm Currently Reading