STEM Bits and PL Update

Ohio Valley and the Athens/Meigs ESC/ SE Ohio PL Specialist

Issue #13 January 16, 2023

STEM Collaborative and Principal Cohort Events Coming Up

I hope that everyone has a great break. Below, you will find the links to register for the upcoming STEM Collaborative Meeting and the Principal Collaborative that will take place in the afternoon. Don't miss the opportunity to connect with other and not only grow your STEM culture but also support your building principals to grow their professional network in order to support them in leading the changes.
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Over the River and Through the Woods December Design Challenge Update

Mrs. Michel's 4th Graders at Shenadoah Elementary School took on the challenge of buidling the bridge to get to Grandma's house before Christmas break. The winning design was able to hold 193 grams. These students earned their class some Pizza for lunch here in the future. Thank you Mrs. Michel for continuing to inspire and challenge your students.
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Regional Personalized Learning/STEM PD Series

Save the dates for a series of PD sessions around Personalized Learning and STEM that will be held at the Ohio Valley ESC on Feb 15, March 8 and a 3rd date to be deteremined to accomodate for state assessment schedules. The same PD will be offered at the Athens/Meigs ESC on Feb 27, March 20, and a date to be determined based on needs of the participants.

Feb 15 and 27 will focus on the "Why" behind Personalized Learning.

March 8 and 20 will dive into the "How" and teachers will walk away with actionable strategies on how they can change their classrooms to a more learner-driven culture.

Our 3rd date will be personalized to the needs of the participants and we will work with participants to avoid testing schedules as much as possible.

More info and registration will come with registration opening on January 23.

Personalized Learning Support for Teacher Teams

The Personalized Learning Specialist for SE Ohio are ready to support teacher teams, building teams, or even districts in their journey towards a learner-centered classroom. If you would like to discuss potential options for free PD and coaching support around Personalized Learning, please contact me at 937-508-8680 or by email at

#Leading Change PLC

Are you looking to grow your own professional learning community? Maybe looking for a way to connect your team to others? Or maybe you need a place to go for advice and support to transform your teaching and learning? I would highly recommend joining the Leading Change Professional Learning Community. The #LeadingChange PLC is focused on the transformation of our classrooms through personalized learning. Currently, there are 500 active members. So imagine being able to pose an issue and receive feedback and connect with other members from around the country.

For the 2022-2023 year, I have been selected as a Leading Change Fellow to lead this group and help promote collaboration to support the members. I would love to see a presence of Ohio Educators in this group, plus it will grow your network. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at or you can call or text at 937-508-8680. Follow the link below to join the group.

Grant Opportunities

Supporting Personalized Learning Across SE Ohio

While employed through a collaborative grant effort by the Ohio Valley and the Athens/Meigs ESC, I serve the majority of SE Ohio as a Ohio Personalized Learning Facilitator and would like to connect with teachers, principals, and other administrators to see how I can support your current work and potentially enhance your current practices through a Personalized Approach. If you would like support in any of the following, I would be happy to assist. If you have other issues/challenges or a new initiative you would like some additional support for, please contact me and I will support you and work to connect you with resources.

What is Personalized Learning?

Personalized Learning means meeting each student at their own level, challenging them with high expectations for academic achievement and growing learner agency through:

  • Instruction aligned to rigorous academic standards and social-emotional skills learners need.
  • Customized instruction that allows each student to design learning experiences aligned to his or her interests (Learner Agency).
  • Varied pacing of instruction based on individual learner needs, allowing students to accelerate or take additional time based on their level of mastery. (Path and Pace)
  • Real-time differentiation of instruction, supports and interventions based on data from formative assessments and student feedback to ensure every student remains on track.

To find out more details, please reach out to me. I can work with individual teachers, grade levels, buildings, districts.

Chad Miller, Personalized Learning Specialist, SE OH