Camden County Schools

Shout Outs!

Grandy Primary School

GPS Office Staff

A huge shout out to the GPS office staff for all that they do!!!

Santa's Workshop

Shout out to the Grandy Primary School PTO for getting Santa's workshop ready to go for our stduetns!
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Peanut Butter

Shout out to Mrs. Jenny Parker and her students for making peanut butter in science class!

GPS Christmas Tree

Shout out to the third grade students who helped prepare the Christmas tree!

Thanksgiving Program

Shout out to GPS kindergartners for an awesome Thanksgiving program!
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Camden Intermediate School

Lego Robots

Shout out to Mrs. Saunders, Camden Extension Agent Ms. Ali Huber, and the 4th grade AIG students for building Lego robots!
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Owl Pellets

Shout out to Mrs. Julie Copeland for providing hands-on learning experiences like the owl pellets activity!

Camden Middle School

Hurricane Katrina Guest Speaker

7th Graders at Camden Middle School have recently completed their Science class reading of the novel, "Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina" by Rodman Philbrick. To culminate their reading, United States Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Chief Laurance Nettles came to talk to all classes about his experiences with water rescues.

Dem Boys!

Shout out to the Dallas Cowboys for winning so that Mr. Mizelle and Ms. Sharon could finally wear their gear.
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Camden County High School

Turkey Turkey!

Shout out to Mr. Stuart for being such a good sport and to all who helped with the National Art Honor Society fundraiser!


Shout out to the Carpentry II and III students for working hard to construct a shed for our maintenance department!
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Dismal Swamp

Shout out to Mrs. Moss and the CCHS AP Environmental Class. The students recently visited the Dismal Swamp State Park . Katie Sanford led the group through the exhibits and trails, explaining the history of the park and the efforts to conserve it's natural resources.

Financial Planning

Shout out to Mrs. Jennifer Barclift for bringing in a representative from State Employee's Credit Union to discuss budgeting and financial planning with her students.
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Camden Early College

Egg Drop!

Shout out to students from Camden Early College High School who participated in the Egg Drop Project!

Camden County Schools

Sheriff's Department Presentation

Shout out to Deputy Mike Lawrence and the Camden County Sheriff's Department for partnering with Camden County Schools to present information about the dangers associated with vaping and responsible social media use. To watch the news report on this presentation, click the link below.

Christmas Tree

Shout out to Amy Burnham for thoroughly decorating the Central Office Christmas tree!

Bright Ideas Grant Winners!

Shout out to the Bright Ideas Grant recipients for Camden County Schools!
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Camden County Schools


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