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Quick tidbits of interest to IndyPL employees, May 16, 2016

Requesting Shared System Materials

Since schools are gathering their materials back in to inventory their collections before the summer break, you may hear from patrons who have had their items out for more than six months. Shared System members have placed item level holds to bring those items back home for the summer, and to give their own patrons a chance to see them! In addition, Shared System members will not run the pull list after May 6th. Their items will be requestable again July 29th. but it may take some time before they are able to run pull lists, depending on their level of staffing. They are also creating school cards and teaching students and staff how use their library resources and ours!

Two other Circulation-Related Notes: In response to some questions from circulation staff, our Shared System members have decided to make some of their well-loved materials unrequestable. These are items that might fall apart or have been heavily mended. While on our side we would discard and replace, on their side, they are more frugal.

Several of them have also created separate collections that they want to reserve for use at their schools. For example, Covenant Christian has a collection of theological titles, the Covenant 100, for a senior project. The Oaks Academies have a required reading list called the Oaks Collection that is unrequestable. St. Richard's has a collection of titles published abroad that are irreplaceable. If you see a title and can't figure out why you're unable to place a hold on it during the school year, it may have an itype of NHA (no holds allowed) for one of the reasons above.

Lawrence Township Schools Update

Lawrence Township (LT) middle school and high schools have begun rebarcoding their library materials already. Wendy Johnson and Nancy Stephenson, IndyPL Volunteer Services, connected LT elementary schools with a cadre of skilled teenagers and with some business volunteer groups to aid in the rebarcoding of the 15 elementary school library collections. LT is also fielding a team of their own high school students and staff to get the job done before school opens August 4th.

Thanks to Cordia Watkins and her crackerjack team of circ trainers, more than 25 LT school library staff will be ready to go in Horizon when school opens. We will not begin requestability of their materials until at least October 1 so they have a chance to become acclimated to the new procedures and software.

In the meantime, Meaghan Fukunaga, IndyPL Manager of Digital Projects, is working with LT high school yearbook advisors to gather the Lawrence North and Lawrence Central yearbooks. Lawrence Central celebrates their 75th anniversary this coming school year, so the timing couldn't be better!

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