Are you a BULLY?


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Bullying is not a good thing.

Bullying can happen anywhere. It can be one the internet , in school and more places. The most common one is cyber bulling. " Don't be a stand by" Bulling is not fun at all. People who bully are just mad at their self

there are ways to be kind to people. Try to compliment everyone because everyone is going through something. Also, treat everyone respectfully. Don't spread rumors. You hear it keep it to yourself.

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Cyber bulling is "the use of electronic communication to bully a person." If you look up what is cyber bulling on google this is what will come up. " No one has the right to cyber bully." is a where i got this great quote. this song will inspire you
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HELP stop cyber bulling it is not good for anyone. You can be the end of it. Not just cyber bullying all bullying. please also SPREAD THIS FLYER thanks
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BY: Jianna Capuano