3rd over view

by Hunter Basye

Brain storming

Thinking and coming up with ideas for stories to write about.

for combining ideas to think about for a story

For coming up with ideas for description of the back ground

revising and editing tech

After you write a story you should go back and edit the story check for misspelled words

indentions for people to know witch paragraph to go to next.

Check for punctuation capital letters at the beginning of each sentence

Influence of setting on plot development

The influence goes like this if you are going to place your in a high speed chase then your going to want to write a plot that goes with it and make unlike saying the setting is a high speed chase and then change it to say your underwater.

Importance of plot and setting in a story.

In both stories and movies the setting is important more in movie in stories something that is in the background of a setting that seems minor at the time could eventually play a major role in a story the background setting is important like this it could mean you are on trial in court or in a high speed chase.

Forms of point of view

Third person omniscient where as the narrator knows all the feeling and thoughts of the characters in the story.

Third person limited is where the narrator only knows all the feeling and thoughts of one character in a story.

First person is where the narrator is a character in the story.

Second person is were the narrator of the story is telling the story to another using you