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Solana Pacific

Solana Pacific has two carts of 30 iPads. These devices rotate between teachers each week. One cart is designated to Fifth Grade and one to Sixth Grade. Teachers sign out the cart when they would like to use the devices.

To begin, I assisted the school with organization by numbering all devices. Teachers keep a log on the top of the cart to share ideas and leave each other notes.

I've met with individual teachers to introduce devices, begin vocabulary activities, use popplet to complete ELA reading strategy practice (Rob Matlock and Kathryn Stamer) and supported Robin Kilsby in created keynotes for Wordsmasters studying. In the classroom, I've worked with teachers and their students to create Edmodo groups and get all students logged in. I've also provided support for other teachers through email about topics such as Edmodo and Educreations. At the Staff meeting on December 12th, I introduced the SAMR model and discussed the three applications I see most useful for Solana Pacific. They include Edmodo, Google Drive and Educreations. I see these apps being the most relevant for Solana Pacific because of the cloud based format. Students can access them from iPads when their class has a chance to use this tool. In addition, students can continue projects by accessing these apps on school computers or at home. That day I sent out a follow up email with detailed directions for accessing these apps. I've already received emails showing appreciation for this support. I'm looking forward to supporting more teachers with the integration of these cloud based tools.

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Solana Santa Fe

Grades K-2 now have sets of 5 per grade level (week before Thanksgiving). Kindergarten has started using RazforKids for small reading groups and they are looking at creating PDFs of some ELA material for kids to work on in an annotation app. First grade is using the devices for reading fluency and in small groups for skill based practice. They are beginning to use these as a tool to practice 5 finger retells using the app, Educreations. Second Grade began introducing the devices with rules and expectations for use. They wanted to build a foundation for proper use before jumping in. The three classes are rotating on a weekly basis to get the most use out of the devices. To begin, Second Graders created simple Educreations videos for biography reports with their big buddies. One class also reviewed a math concept by using a teacher created Educreations video about subtraction with regrouping.

Third Grade has had iPod touches all year. They are working to weave the devices into their daily learning routine. They use apps such as SonicPics and StoryKit to practice the weekly reading strategy. On a daily basis, students practice reading fluency using iTalk. The Spelling City app is used with specifically tailored spelling lists from Treasures. All three classes are using Edmodo for students to turn in simple vocabulary assignments and have class discussions. One class has implemented the use of a google form for students to complete a daily math check in.

Fourth Grade has decided this year to focus on creating Math Videos for students using the app Educreations. They also use Edmodo for everything from assignment post and turn in, student communication and collaboration, and assessment. After trying out an assessment app called Socrative, teachers decided to move to creating a generic google form to use for daily assessment. It's simple, immediate and provides teachers with organized data. In ELA students use devices to practice reading fluency on a daily basis and utilize many collage/web apps (Popplet) to create meaningful vocabulary projects. For writing, students use google drive that they can then access from any computer or mobile device. For Social Studies and Science projects, teachers have students use a variety of apps to demonstrate understanding (Educreations, Photocard).

Fifth Grade has also relied heavily on Edmodo. This learning management system has become the hub for much of the learning in the upper grades at SSF. It provides teachers with a forum to post discussion questions for students and allows for these discussions to continue outside of the school day. Fifth grade also implemented the google form for daily math quizzes. One class has started using an app called Word Pivot, that allows students to read a book and then take an interactive quiz at the end. While reading, students can focus on specific words within the text and gather more information about the word within the context of the story. Another app that has provided for collaborative opportunity, Lino, gives students a chance to create boards independently or as a group. Students have used these platform during Red Ribbon Week and also to review ELA concepts.

Sixth Grade incorporated iPads into the daily routine immediately. As school begin, the tools were integrated into each subject area. Students use Google Drive for science note-taking and lab write-ups. This allows for the inclusion of detailed lab set ups, images, and write-ups. Drive is also being used for writing pieces. This allows for students to access documents anywhere they can log on to their account. Currently, sixth graders are creating individual keynote presentations for social studies that they will share with one another in a class evernote account. This platform will give students the opportunity to review and comment on one another's work. In math, teachers are beginning to use a PDF annotation app to have students actually work through math problems using the iPad. Stylus tools are needed for this activity, in order to show many math problem steps. To assess, teachers are currently using the quiz features of Edmodo and also beginning to use google forms.

* A school edition of the app, Voicethread, was recently purchased at SSF. Grades 3-6 teachers, will begin integrating this tool into math and language arts instruction after the winter break.


Fifth Grade

Most classes have introduced Edmodo and Google Drive. Being able to reach documents from school and home provides easy access for students. Edmodo allows for communication between the teacher and the students. I know many classes have used the Apple tools, Pages, iMovie, and Garageband.

Shannon has her Fifth Graders blogging using a site called Edublogs. On the site, teachers can choose topics for students and also provides other information for students. This site provides a platform for students to display projects, such as iMovies. In addition, students have their own individual blogs posted on the class site. This gives them each an opportunity to share their ideas about a variety of topics. Currently, this Fifth Grade class is also using Quizlet as a tool to practice weekly vocabulary and ShowMe for students to create learning videos. Shannon has also been able to incorporate google forms into her collaborative groups. This allows students to give feedback about group participation. She is also using Edmodo with her class.

I worked with Erik and Stacey at the beginning of the year to begin using google drive. Erik continues to have students blog using the Apple Wiki and has found Educreations great for students to demonstrate understanding. He is working on creating a qr code gallery that will house all of his students' work samples.

Solana Vista

In the Science lab at Solana Vista, a new teacher Ryan Girod has a set of 30 iPads. We have met about 5 times to go over management of the devices and simple ways to initiate implementation. He has been using the iPads mostly for the before and after school program more than the Science Lab I believe. Apps I suggested he try specifically for reading fluency include iTalk and Garageband. He is also working on supporting the students with vocabulary development and we've discussed ways to complete word squares using an iPad and Educreations app.

In the next few weeks, Solana Vista is getting small sets of devices in Grades 2-3. I have met with Grade 3 to discuss management techniques and simple ways to implement them in a small group setting that will support the Treasures curriculum.

I visit Solana Vista on a weekly basis and often provide support for individual teachers. Julie McCarthy took a risk and had her students create Educreations videos for the Thanksgiving holiday. Taylor Lynch had his Kinder students create a collaborative iMovie reading an "I'm Thankful" book. I've met with the first grade team to talk about uses pages on the iPad for student to write informational reports.

Solana Highlands

At Solana Highlands, two Third Grade classrooms have class sets of iPods and the entire Fourth Grade team has class sets of iPads. In the Fall, I met with Third grade to introduce Edmodo and discuss some basic ways to start integrating the iPods as tools. I suggested to begin by using the devices in Language Arts and incorporating them into daily routines. They were going to start with apps, such as Simple Mind and PicCollage, two mind mapping tools. These could be used across the curriculum, but teachers were going to start by having students create word squares.

I've met with Fourth Grade on a regular basis to review Edmodo, Google Drive, Scribble Press, Educreations, and ShowMe. These have all been tools integrated across the curriculum. Each time we meet, the teachers discover new ways these tools can improve learning experiences for kids. They use them for fluency practice, vocabulary enrichment, and social studies and science projects. Ellen uses Educreations daily to provide students with lessons that they can access after the school day for math review.

Carmel Creek

Second grade at Creek has 6 classes with one to one iPads. Currently, some teachers are using Educreations daily to have students practice reading fluency and complete their daily bite. Teachers have created PDFs of documents and stored them in a class Dropbox account to then import directly into Educreations. With this app, students are able to save recordings of themselves reading and annotate over the reading passage. For the daily bite students write with different colors to correct the mistakes and then review as a class.

Some classes used iMovie to create "All About Me" videos and many have used Pages to design flyers across the curriculum and practice vocabulary.

A few teachers are consistently using Edmodo to lead simple discussions with students and post optional homework. Students are accessing the app Popplet for many different uses since it's an easy to use webbing tool. Teachers use Class Dojo to help with classroom management, specifically student behavior.

Spelling City, Addition!!, Subtraction!!, and Bluster and some other skill based apps are used for reinforcing skills.

Sample projects

1. Primary Writer - See attachment above

2. Click here to view my lesson about I Am Thankful - link below

Additional Notes

Each school has also integrated mobile devices at some capacity in learning centers and within ELD instruction.

An app recently purchased for all one to one teachers and ELD teachers, Nearpod, will be implemented after the winter break one teachers receive login information and receive some basic training.