1960's television

The Alvin Show

The Alvin show is a show about talking chipmunks it aired on Wednesday night on prime-time. It lasted from October 14, 1961 to September 12, 1962 it lasted 11 months. The show aired on CBS- TV it was based on Ross Bagdasarian's success novelty records were issued by the Chipmunks. The name not aderivative of the popularity of the Beatles. Bagdasarian's rodent moniker dated back to the 1958 hit platter the " which doctor" the Chipmunks insignia was an od to liberty record company.
The Alvin Show Censored Scenes!


The 1960's crime fighting hero's batman starring Adam West as batman and Burt Ward as robin. It aired on ABC it only had two and a half seasons from January 12, 1966 to March 14, 1968 despite its short run on TV it had a total of 120 episodes having two weekly installments for most of its tenure early 1960 Ed Graham optioned the TV rights to the comic strip batman, and planned straight forward adventure show like superman and the lone star ranger on CBS the Saturday morning cartoons.

High way Patrol

High way Patrol is a action crime series that aired in 1995- 1959 it stared Broderick Crawford as Dan Matthews he was the head of the police force the only other regular cast member was William Boyett as Sgt. MacDonald in Adam 12 he also played Sgt. Ken William's and officer Johnson. Another person was Art Gilmore who played Lieutenant Moore on Adam 12 the narrator was Ron Foster who appeared twenty-four times on the series mostly as the young officer Garvey Sturant. They ended the show after 4 seasons cause Borderick Crawford said, "we ran out of crimes."