Children as Learners

UDL Task 7 by Emily Crocker

A Tour Around Miss Miller's Classroom

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Are there any students in the classroom that have learning disabilities or other special needs?

There are no students in the class that have Individualized Education Plans, however, three students in the class have behavioral concerns that warrant varying levels of intervention. One of these students has a 504 plan that outlines instructional modifications required due to attention problems. Another student is has been brought up to Student Support Team (SST). This team is implementing pre-referral strategies prior to placing the student on an IEP. A third student has a record of behavior problems within the classroom and on the bus; these incidents have led to suspensions. Although this student has no specific documentation of a learning disability or special needs, the classroom teacher is aware of possible problems during instruction.

Are there gifted students in the classroom?

According to the principal and classroom teacher, this is an upper level class of second grade students. All students in the class are performing at, or exceeding, grade-level expectations in the area of reading, writing, and mathematics. In fact, some students participate in pull-out instruction with a Gifted and Talented teacher each Friday.

How does the teacher meet the needs of all the students in the classroom?

To help meet the instructional needs of all students in the class, Miss Miller utilizes flexible, assigned, student groups that vary from lesson to lesson, based on the subject area and objective. Throughout the lesson, Miss Miller also actively engages students, challenges their thinking, and assess their understanding through the use of questioning techniques. More so, when students are working individually, or in small-groups, Miss Miller will circulate around the room and sit with students to help them persevere. As far as reading, Miss Miller utilizes S.S.R. conferences to gain a greater understanding of students areas of need and to help effectively mix high and low level students in groups. Lastly, if Miss Miller ever notices through assessments that a student is struggling in a specific area, that other students are excelling in, she will pull them aside for additional assistance.