Reasons TO Remove BOD Kathy Sease

Just a few opinions of a RiverBender ... she is sure other members have more to add.

Big picture

* She violated the bylaws first by posting David Harris personal information on her own personal Facebook page.

* Blocking good paid dues members from the official Facebook page because they do not agree with her

* Also involved with posting members petition on the official page to cause turmoil throughout the park.

* Lying to the membership (black mold) saying there is black mold and Chris Miller didn’t do his job but there is a letter dated Jan 2018 signed from Kathy stating that was a rumor and there is no black mold. Can’t be trusted if you lie about small stuff you will lie about anything.

* Lying to members on Facebook and placing blame on Michael Binko causing him issues among himself and members about the official Facebook page.

* Posting false information about members based on here say to try to cause more issues among members.

* Hiding the 3 Security Contract Proposals from membership.

* Hiding the Security Contract Statement Of Work Requirements from membership.

* Hiding the Security Contract from membership.