First Images

By Evenfall Photography

Kids and Their First Images

First Images is a comprehensive enrichment program for students aged 6-12, inspiring them to learn and explore their physical world by teaching science and math through art using the medium of digital photography. Students will learn camera functions and their purpose, how to see photographically, and to communicate their findings visually.

Kids First Images

First Images with Evenfall Photography

By completing this program students will gain compassion, confidence, and a desire to learn through visual studies. Having developed the ability to see and understand photographic opportunities will enable them to feel more connected with their environment. Students will Instantly feel accomplished reviewing images through their artistically developed eyes. Students will realize the art of photography is growing and changing, inspiring them to further develop their photographic skills.

About Renee and Evenfall Photography | "The Evening Light"

Renee is a professionally trained and certified photographer with over 15 years experience. She's had the opportunity to educate children in computers and photography demonstrating the important role photography can have in children's lives. Evenfall Photography is the result of the Gaw Family coming together to design a service that helps record memories and educate families through art, using photography. "I love children, which is why I teach."