Guidance News

April 2020

How To Reach Your Counselor

We hope you all are doing well during this difficult time.

Here is the counselor breakdown with their emails and a link on how to make an appointment with your counselor.

Brian Wilson - A-Coo -

Krista Isherwood - Cop-Fi -

Jillian Ruffino - Fl-J -

Amy Scapelliti - K-M -

Kelly Junke - N-Se -

Karen Catalano - Sh-Z -

Jeanette Servey - LHSW -

Here is the link to the directional page to make an appointment with your counselor.

All Students

It is the expectation that ALL students are completing coursework by June 19 at 2:30PM

Underclassmen Annual Review 2020/2021

Underclassmen annual reviews are coming to an end. Due to the unforeseen closing of school, some were done virtually. A copy of student course selections for the 2020-2021 school year will be mailed home in early June. Students and parents are reminded that they will be committed to their final choices for next year’s schedules. Please review these course selections carefully! Special request forms are also due by June 30. Students and parents with questions should contact the students counselor. Any changes to course selections must be made by June 30.

Students Entering Senior Year

Please work on these tasks and have them completed before the end of September in your Senior Year.

College-bound students should be building their portfolio prior to arriving back to school in September. A comprehensive portfolio (saved to a flash-drive) includes:

Activity sheet/resume

Letters of recommendation

Application essay drafts (for college & scholarships)

SAT and/or ACT test scores (SAT Subject Tests)

Completed (SAT/ACT) registration for Fall tests

A list of 2 or more prospective colleges

Military-bound students should:

Ensure you are on track for graduation

Have made contact with your selected branch

Career-bound students should:

Develop a resume

Request references/letter of recommendation

Ensure you are on track for graduation

Senior Privileges

Senior privileges are available to students in good standing. Parking permits and/or early release & late arrival opportunities are senior privileges. These are privileges that must be pre-approved by administration through an application process. Parking permits, early release, or late arrival are not guaranteed and will only be granted if the student’s schedule allows.

NCAA Eligibility

High school athletes who would like to participate in any sport at an NCAA Division I or Division II school MUST register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Registration is recommended following junior year. Division III athletes do NOT need to register. Students must take at least 16 approved core academic courses and obtain certain SAT or ACT scores. Students should register online at There is a fee for this NCAA service. Students eligible for testing fee waivers are also eligible for NCAA waivers.

FASFA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid)

College-bound seniors who have not completed the FASFA should do so as soon as possible. The FASFA can be accessed on the web at Financial Aid letters will arrive in spring. Seniors should review these, making necessary changes prior to enrollment. In addition, seniors planning to attend college in New York State should not forget to apply for TAP (Tuition Assistance Program). Apply at . Questions about financial aid packages should be directed to the college.

College Bound Seniors 2020

If the COVID19 pandemic has left your family with a great deal of financial uncertainty, please read the article relating to writing a financial aid appeal letter. Templates included. As always, email your counselor with any questions.

Selective Service

The Selective Service wants you to know the requirements to register for the military draft did not go away with the end of the Vietnam war. Under the law, virtually all male U.S. citizens, and male aliens living in the U.S., who are ages 18-25, are required to register with Selective Service.

Ways To Stay In Contact

Parents and Students are encouraged to check the Portal, Student Email and Google Classrooms.

Portal Link:


Student Email Help:

Use the Gmail link on the school district website - upper right corner. It will bring you right to the login page and it will pre-populate the portion of your email address.

The first part of their Gmail address is as follows (this part is the same as what they would use to login to the server): full first name the first 5 letters of their last name and their graduation year.

Ex. Senior student Monica LaPorte would be:


Server: monicalapor20

Student Gmail passwords are always their full 9 digit student id number.

Google Classroom Codes:

CLASS OF 2023 (FRESHMAN) hszue7w

CLASS OF 2022 (SOPHOMORE) xigsrt3

CLASS OF 2021 (JUNIOR) ts7oqe2

CLASS OF 2020 (SENIOR) 7ioc4yx

PE CLASSROOM - g6vyywx

Resources for Youth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fear and anxiety about Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. Learning to cope with this extreme stress will help make us stronger as a community at a time when that strength will be needed most. For that reason, we have attached links to resources below that you may find helpful at this time.

Coping with Anxiety Related to the Virus:

Disaster Distress Helpline:

How to Relax While At Home:

Managing Anxiety and Stress:

How to Protect Your Mental Health:

Staying Physically Active:

LHS Guidance Counselors

Brian Wilson - A-Coo - 478-4462

Krista Isherwood - Cop-Fi - 478-4464

Jillian Ruffino - Fl-J - 478-4466

Amy Scapelliti - K-M - 478-4461

Kelly Junke - N-Se - 478-4467

Karen Catalano - Sh-Z - 478-4470

Jeanette Servey - LHSW - 478-6949