Minor Community School

September 27, 2020

Return Plans for Tradition/Remote Learning

Minor Community School

What Returning to School Will Look Like for Students and Staff

At a Glance

Students and staff will return to campuses with increased health and safety measures in order to combat the effects of COVID-19 in our schools. District leadership has engaged in meaningful conversations with health authorities to create a reopening plan with safety and health at the forefront.

Traditional School

    • Self-contained students and Pre-K

      • Sept. 21st with modified schedule

        • A-L (Monday and Tuesday)

        • M-Z (Thursday and Friday)

        • Wednesday is clean up day

      • Five day week begins October 5th.

    • General Students Grades K-5

      • Return Sept. 28th with modified schedule

        • A-L (Monday and Tuesday)

        • M-Z (Thursday and Friday)

        • Wednesday is clean up day

        • Students must attend school remotely on days they are not scheduled to be on campus.

      • Five day week begins October 12th.

  • Remote Students will follow the same schedule as above but at home.

Arrival and Dismissal

Doors will open at 7:30 am for student drop off. Parents are encouraged not to drop off students before that time!

  • Upon arrival at school, students will report directly to their classroom. Breakfast will be served in the classroom (Grades 1-5) beginning around 8:05 a.m. Pre-K (7:45 am) and Kindergarten (8:15 am) will eat breakfast in the cafeteria. Students must have the same assigned seats each day.

  • Students will be dismissed in the afternoon from their classrooms. Buses and names will be called over the intercom.

  • Buses will load and unload at the back gym doors. Students will not enter or exit through the cafeteria. (Only Pre-K)

  • Cars will unload in the front and enter the doors under the breezeway to proceed to their classrooms.

  • Car riders will load in the afternoon at the back gym doors when their name is called..

  • Buses will begin loading at about 2:45 pm. Carlines will begin after buses have departed. Various staff members will be available to assist.

Face Coverings

Face coverings will be required based upon CDC guidelines and guidance from JEFCOED. Social distancing is not always possible in school settings; therefore, students and staff should purchase reusable masks and wear them while on campus.

  • Face masks must comply with JEFCOED’s dress code policy.

  • Face shields are permitted but must have a mask worn underneath.

Social Distancing

Students will practice social distancing from the arrival on campus through departure. Students will be assigned seats on the bus, increasing social distancing and limiting exposure to others. This will allow us to quickly contact trace and not cause the entire bus to have to quarantine. While on the bus, students will sit with siblings or relatives from the same home. Breakfast and lunch will be delivered and will be eaten in classrooms in order to deter students from congregating in the lunchroom.

Limited Access to Visitors and Volunteers

It is essential to create a healthy and safe environment by limiting potential COVID-19 exposure whenever possible. Minor Community School will be limiting access to visitors and volunteers to appointments only.

Hand Sanitation Stations

Hand sanitation stations are located throughout the building to encourage proper cleaning practices. Students and staff will work together to ensure everyone is contributing to a healthy environment by wiping surfaces after classroom instruction is complete. Students are encouraged to bring their own (travel size) hand sanitizer.

Backpack Disinfectant Spray

Hallways, restrooms and stairwells will be sprayed with a CDC approved disinfectant. This will take place when students are not present in these areas.

Classroom Modifications

Student desks will be appropriately spaced apart. Students’ seats will be arranged in a traditional model, but it will follow the social distancing guidelines. Students will have assigned seats. Administrators will view and approve classroom designs prior to the start of the school.

Controlled Movement Patterns

To limit COVID-19 exposure and promote social distancing, students will transition to class with the guidance of administration and staff where possible throughout the day, utilizing controlled movement patterns based on signage throughout campus. Floor markers and directional signs will be placed throughout the building.

Common Area Modifications

Students will be monitored in all common area locations to encourage social distancing practices. Elective classes such as physical education, art, and music will adhere to social distancing while limiting collaborative activity and shared resources via Schoology.

Meal Service

Students will receive breakfast and lunch which will be served their classrooms. Students’ lunch will be delivered to the classrooms by a team of teachers and lunchroom staff. The state has issued a waiver for all students to receive free breakfast and lunch until the end of December 2020.

Mass Gatherings

For the safety of staff and students on campus large gatherings will not be permitted until further notice.

Extracurricular Activities and Athletics

Extracurricular activities will be done virtually where feasible. Minor Community School will follow guidance from JEFCOED Board of Education to make a determination regarding any face to face activities.


Students are expected to bring school-issued devices (Chromebook, laptops, etc.) to school each day. Students without a school-issued device can bring their personal device (Chromebook, laptops, etc.) to school.

  • Chromebooks, laptops, etc. should be fully charged before coming to school.

  • Parents are encouraged to purchase headphones for students’ use.

  • Cell phones will not be permissible for use in the classrooms. They must be turned off and stored in the student’s backpack until the dismissal of school.


  • Backpacks should follow the guidelines of the dress code policy.

  • Students should only carry items in their backpacks that are pertinent to their school day (i.e. binders, lunch, device, etc.)

Water Bottles

  • Students are encouraged to bring bottled water to school to reduce COVID exposure that may occur from using the water fountain. Please make sure it is only water.

Lunch, PE and Specials

  • Lunch will be served in the classrooms (Grades 1-5) beginning around 11:30 a.m. The Breakfast and lunch is free for all students.

  • Students will transition to PE at their designated time according to the master schedule. They will be assigned a specific permanent spot in the gym. PE will begin during the A/B schedule also.

  • Students will not travel to their other specials. Art, Music, and Library will come to the classroom at their designated time beginning the Five Day Week. Art, Music, and Library will continue to be done remotely during the A/B Schedule (September 28th - October 9th).

Progress Reports

The first progress report of the year will be emailed on Friday, October 2nd. Please check all email addresses that you entered in the PowerSchool platform when you registered your student for school.

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