Housing Costs Plummit

Building Costs fall by 30% & Build times drop by 67% or more

Port-A-Home Announced Drastic Reductions in the Cost to Build a Home

Let's face it Labour costs in Australia are amongst the highest in the world. The cost to build a home in Australia is also amongst the highest in the world. Yet we are part of Australiasia where Asian wages are amongst the lowest in the world.

Port-A-Home is a new venture in the domestic building market set to greatly reduce the cost for Australian families to own a brand new home. Currently partnered with a number of Factories in China, the Philippines and soon Indonesia, Port-A-Home provides portable Kit homes to Australian Standards.

Our quality kit homes and Portable Demountable Temporary Structures provide a low cost alternative and cause housing costs to plummit.

With a large choice of designs and building materials our homes include houses that you would be proud to own and live in and raise your family. With double storey kits all the way down to budget temporary demountable structures that include at full kit 2br home for $15,000.

If you need a new home then contact us for a quote, it could prove to be the best thing you ever did. Let's face it, you can't beat Asia on price, add to that a builder with 40 years experience in the local Australian Market to oversee production to Australian Standards and you have a winning combination. We provide both the quality and the price to meet your needs.

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