The Air-Sea Connection

How is the ocean and the atmosphere connected?


The sea and atmosphere come together at an interface.Waves and surface currents are wind-generated. The atmosphere pushes the ocean surface along. But as the ocean moves, heat is redistributed and eventually tossed back into the atmosphere. The exchange of heat influences the pressure field in the atmosphere, which modifies the wind field.

Ocean absorbing heat from the sun

The ozone in the stratosphere doesn't absorb all of the heat that is coming from the sun, the ozone layer is getting thinner and thinner by the decade,and it gets hotter and hotter.The ocean stands in and absorbs the excess heat that is seeping through the invisible holes.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. without the atmosphere ,would we be still alive?. A.We need the atmosphere to provides us with oxygen to breathe,but also many other things. Q. What harmful rays from the sun does the atmosphere protect us from? A.the atomsphere shields us from gamma rays and ultraviolet light. Q.