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June 22nd 2016

A World With No Clean Water

Imagine having to walk for hours only to get water that isn't even clean! People around the world have to do that on the daily. One bililion people live without clean drinking water. Fresh water makes up less than 3% of all the water on earth and 68.7% of earths fresh water is unusable because its glaciers. Without clean water people are getting illinesses like , vomiting , cramps , diarrhea , and , nausea. About every 19 seconds a mother loses their child to a water related illness. Contaminated water is killing the world slowly. Next time you turn on the faucet or run a bath, think about the people in the world that have no clean water at all.


Water Issues Affecting Our Future

Water helps our health, its a basic need in life but getting the water is a struggle. The three or more hours these people walk , is time that they can't spend, learning, building an education or just spending time with their families. This is detroying our future of having a successful world. Without learning these kids will struggle in life, basic life needs aren't an option for them. Soon enough they will die , all because of some water.

Hydrate the world!

These water issues are slowly detroying our planet, we can't let that happen! Help change the world. Take shorter showers, don't leave water running for long. Find a website such as and donate to save a life in need. Do whatever you can to help. We can change the world.

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