The Virginia Colony

By:Anna Sisson


The Virginia colony was imporant during the colonial time's. First, the English settlement

went through a lot of hardship and difficult time's. Next, Jamestown was a sucesful town

because of Capten Jon Smith. Last , after Capten Jon Smith left, he left turmoil and groth

slowed. This is the Virginia colony and its many historys.

The English Settlement

The English settlement had its ups and downs but that's what made it the most imporant

part of the history of Amercia. When the explors first discoverd this land they named it Virginia beause of thier virgin Quein. Then, they picked out some land and named it

Jamestown. Jamestown was the veary first english settlement ever. When the ship came

down a river they named it "The James" they got it from there king , James The First. In the

spring of 1607, hundredsof indian worriors arrived at Jamestown and attacked them for the

land. The english settlement did have lots of magor roles in the history of Amercia.


Jamestown was the first english settlement, but it had some of Amercias gratist historys.

For example in 1618 a company inroduced "sweeping,"it is designed to replace the colonys

severe code matiral law. What made them speacial was that they had a trianular fort insted

of a squar fort. By that winter fwere than 40 of the original coloinst that arrived at Jamestown survived. The arrival of seven-hundred coloists during 1608-1609 led to a steadyand worseing reations with the powhatans. A poor diet led to deaths of two-thirds

of the men in Jamestown. As you can see Jamestown did have lots of historys in the colonial days.

Turmoil and Growth

It was horrble during turmoil and growth (the starving times) beacuse lots of people died of

starvation. In 1609-1610 was called "the starving times." Also in the spring of1610 Jamestown sufferd a grate death toll. Next after Smith left only 60 colonists remsined. People wanted to leave but a ship came with lots of supplise. The previous winter 90% of the colonists died during that winter. Yes. It was a bad year for the colonist but it did get better after that year.


As you can seethe Virginia colony was a veary imporant and intresting colony. The english settlement did take a wile but they got togeather and got a comunity togeather. Jamestown started out pretty bad (as you can see) but then they started to thrive. During turmoil and growth it was pretty bad but it got better later. With the right groth and work the Virginia colony could have thrived.


turmoil- A state of confusion or disorder.

starvation- suffering or death caused by having nothing to eat or not enough to eat:the condition of someone who is starving.

death toll- The number of deaths resulting from a particulas cause, especially an accident, battle or a natural disaster.


books: "The Virginia colony" by Dennis Fradin

online: "Jamestown" by James Worn

"Virginia" by Susan L.

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