Together in Learning and Faith

January 26, 2020

Dreamcatcher background created by Mrs. Weller's Pre-K

Shared from a Parent - God in the Every Day!

Sasha was watching the sun come up over the school and said “Momma Momma look!!! God is shining down on our school so brightly this morning - Can I say Thank You to God?”

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Adoration Week at OLA School

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Open House February 18, 2020

Want to see OLA in action, step into each class and meet the team, get a feel for the energy in this learning community? Join us for our Open House during the day, between 8:45am and 3:13pm on Tuesday February 18, 2020.

Please feel free to invite family and friends who are interested in attending OLA next year. We would be delighted to meet them and show off the school, our wonderful children, the amazing team and the children's great learning and growing. Our Servant Leadership Squads are eager to take you on a tour!

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Kindergarten Registration Begins Saturday, February 1st!

Kindergarten registration for EICS schools will begin ONLINE the morning of Saturday, February 1, 2020. EICS schools will be sharing information about programming and open houses over the next few weeks on their school websites.

The following preferences will be available for selection on the Kindergarten registration form for OLA.

Mondays, Wednesday & alternating Fridays

Tuesdays, Thursdays & alternating Fridays

Mornings, 5 days per week

Afternoons, 5 days per week

Please feel free to contact us if you have a secondary preference.

To go to the EICS Kindergarten webpage - please click here.

To download the EICS Kindergarten Information Brochure - EICS Kindergarten February 2019

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Spread the Word....

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A Story for Every Child - Feb. 24 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Last year's event was a huge success, and it touched so many hearts! Those who participated were truly moved by how much it filled up their cups!

Please come and spend an hour with an OLA child sharing a love of reading, introducing them to your favourite book or topic, and simply sitting and talking to a child so they know they matter.

If you would like to participate,

please contact your child's teacher and let them know you'll be there!

Please extend the invite to your family and friends, and connect with your child's teacher, or our librarian Mrs. Merrick at to confirm your attendance.

Monday February 24, from 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Spread the word and we hope to see you there!

We are looking for just over 180 Readers...a story for every child.

Thank you for helping us reach that goal!

Thank you to the 8 people who have signed up already!!!

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Dear OLA Families,

Our Kindergarten Classroom is currently building their stock of toys that support their literacy program. Knowing that there are perfectly good toys out there looking for new homes, we are asking for donations of gently used toys to support this great program.

We are currently in need of a:

camel, fox, goose, jaguar,

kangaroo, quail, raccoon, rhinoceros,

friendly vampire, aardvark, and a walrus.

Please send your donations with your child to school and they can drop them off at the office with Mrs. Buban. Thank you for all you do to support our children here at OLA!

Growing Brains ~ Sharing Smiles!

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It's Snow Fun!

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Checkpoint in Learning

This is the time of year when grade 1-4 digital progress reports on PowerSchool are shared as another checkpoint in learning. Since the beginning of the year, learning progress has been shared through digital portfolios, Evidence of Learning Portfolios, Three-Way Conferences and communication between home and school.

This digital progress report on PowerSchool is a snapshot in time of the learning your child has demonstrated so far and it is an opportunity to celebrate growth and set goals for continued progress.

In the comments section of the progress reports, you will find three areas highlighted:

  • Growth as a Learner: statements about their participation as a member of their classroom community, a connection to our faith, information about attitudes and behaviours related to learning
  • Areas of Strengths: information about specific learning successes with a Literacy and Numeracy focus, and linked to outcomes in the Program of Studies
  • Next Steps: again with a Literacy and Numeracy focus, and specific suggestions to facilitate further growth
  • about Who your child is within the classroom community,

For more information about reporting learning progress, and what progress reports will look like, please visit Communicating Student Learning in EICS. We will send each family an email outlining when the progress reports are available for viewing, and instructions on how to access them.

If you have any questions, please connect with your child's teacher.

Learning from Each Other!

When staff were asked, "What would you do if you weren't at OLA?"...

Check out our Connections Board at the front entrance to get to know more members of the OLA team.

Grade 3 & 4 Skating

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Creating OLA's Learning Commons

We have begun the exciting project of transforming our library into a Learning Commons (Phase I) and Makerspace (Phase I)! The statement above is the lens we will be working through, and it will guide our decisions.

The Learning Commons committee met last week, and we are looking for your help to kick off this amazing space for all OLA children. We are looking for the following donations:

  • earth toned leather/faux leather ottomans, foot stools, small-medium size chairs
  • Lego
  • Puzzles with a Catholic/Faith connection
  • New round Cost-co dog beds

Thank you for bringing donations to the office, or emailing if you have any questions.

Thank you SO much for supporting this initiative!

It will engage the minds of all OLA children in all of the Competencies!

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Have you Completed Yours Yet?

Alberta Education has sent the Accountability Survey for your feedback. The information contained in this survey is used to help drive OLA's Assurance Plans. It helps us understand areas to celebrate as well opportunities for further learning and growing.

As partners is your child's learning, your voice is important.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete the survey.

For further information about the following, please click the links.

Please contact us at the school if you have any questions about the links above or the Accountability Survey.

Thank you again for taking a few moments to complete the survey.

OLA Parish News

First Eucharist Preparation - Grade 3

Catholic children in Grade 3 (or older) are invited to prepare for the Sacrament of the Eucharist (First Holy Communion) at Our Lady of the Angels Parish. Registration is open until January 31, 2020.

Class dates:

  • February 8, 2020 OLA Church meeting room 10:00 am (Parents required to stay)
  • February 15, 2020 OLA Church meeting room 10:00 am
  • March 1, 2020 OLA Church 2:00 pm Celebration Mass

Registration forms are available on our school website here, or at the church office. There is a $25 registration fee to cover the costs of materials. Please provide a copy of your child's baptism certificate when registering. Questions can be directed to the OLA Church office at 780-998-3288.

You are welcome to send completed registration forms with your payment of $25 (payable to OLA Church) to the school office - we will make sure that they get to the church.

First Eucharist Preparation - Grade 2

This year Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Parish is also inviting children in Grade 2 to prepare for the Sacrament of the Eucharist (First Holy Communion). They will be having their own preparation times this spring. Registration for Grade 2 students (who have already celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation) is open until April 3, 2020.

Class dates:

  • April 18, 2020 OLA Church meeting room 10:00 am (Parents required to stay)
  • April 25, 2020 OLA Church meeting room 10:00 am
  • May 3, 2020 OLA Church 2:00 pm Celebration Mass

Please see registration details above.

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Looking Ahead . . .

The Holy Eucharist is at OLA this week!

Monday, January 27

  • Adoration Mass at 1:00 pm in the gym - All are invited. Adoration will occur in the chapel each afternoon this week. You are welcome to participate at any time.

Tuesday, January 28

  • Want to share a Power Option? Please share with Mme Gravelle by today, please:) at

Wednesday, January 29

  • Adoration in the chapel in the afternoon - you are invited to participate
  • Wellness Servant Leadership Squad Team Meeting

Thursday, January 30
  • Adoration in the chapel in the afternoon - you are invited to participate

Friday, January 31

  • School Day for T/Th Pre-K/Kinders
  • Adoration in the chapel in the afternoon - you are invited to participate

Saturday, February 1

  • Kindergarten Registration opens online

and a Little Further Ahead . . .

Welcome Djembe Drums to OLA!

February 3 Grade 3 T-Pet Presentation on Hearing & Sound

February 3 Grade 4 T-Pet Presentation on Lights & Shadows

February 3 Faith in Action Assembly 12:30 pm - please join us!

February 3 Power Option Sign up for Grade 1 - 4

February 5 OLA Spirit Day - Twins, Triplets & Quads Day

February 5 Booster Juice Lunch (by pre-order)

February 5 Grade 1 - 4 Power Options

February 5 Early Dismissal at 2:19 pm

February 5 Progress Reports for Grade 1 - 4 available via PowerSchool ParentPortal

February 6 Teachers' Convention - No School for Students

February 7 Teachers' Convention - No School for Students

February 10 Grade 3 & 4 Edmonton Symphony at the Winspear Centre

February 14 Staff Professional Development Day - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

February 17 Family Day - NO SCHOOL

February 18 OLA Open House 8:45 - 3:20 pm please invite friends & family to check us out!

February 19 100 Days of School for our Grade 1 - 4 students!

February 24 A Story for Every Child 12:30 - 1:30 pm - Come celebrate a love of reading! Spread the word! Calling on 187 community members to read to each of our children. More details to follow!

February 26 Ash Wednesday Mass at 9:30 am at OLA CHURCH

To see what is coming even further ahead, please visit our website calendar.

You can check out our M/W Kinder calendar here,

our T/Th Pre-K/Kinder calendar here,

and our Pre-K AM calendar here.

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You're invited to read with a child!